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Heavenly White Chocolate and Nutella Blondies

Blondies? What are blondies you may ask? Blondies are basically brownies without the dark chocolate – instead they rely on the softness of brown sugar and the yumminess of white chocolate! I actually… Continue reading

One Easy Recipe, Three Types of Cookies!

I got this cookie recipe from a friend a while back and to this day, I still think it makes the most delicious cookies. It’s also incredibly quick and easy! Although the original… Continue reading

Easy & Healthy Dinner Salad

The fiancé and I have been eating loads lately so last night we decided to make something light – salad for dinner! We threw together everything we had in the fridge and it… Continue reading

Magic Lemon Cake Recipe

I adore lemon cake (I already had a recipe for the Fiance’s Lemon Cake on my blog!) and was thrilled when I made this cake with the fiancé’s sister! This was actually the… Continue reading

White Chocolate & Raspberry Muffins

Over the weekend I realised I had plenty of frozen raspberries left over from my Coffee & Raspberry Cake I made a while back. I was in the mood for summer flavors so… Continue reading

Tuna and Pesto Loaf

Tuna and pesto are two of my favorite savoury flavors. I don’t think I’d ever had them together though before making this recipe! This loaf is very easy to make, perfect for a… Continue reading

Banana and Honey Cake

Simple yoghurt cake is one of my favorite cakes to make. Super quick, very easy, and always delicious! Sometimes though I do like to add other ingredients to it, mainly what I have… Continue reading

Coca Cola Chicken Recipe

I knew about Coca Cola cake (which my amazing roommate in Berlin had made for me on my 22nd birthday), but I’d never heard about Coca Cola chicken! I discovered this recipe in… Continue reading

The Lazy Girl’s Nutella Mug Cake Recipe

When you’re feeling lazy but your sweet tooth is craving some yummy desert, mug cakes are the perfect solution. Whisk together a few ingredients in a bowl, pour it into a mug, stick it… Continue reading