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My Christmas Wishlist: Beauty, Home and Accessories!

Only 30 days until Christmas! I have never been so excited to go home for the holidays, as this year there will be a new addition to our family that I cannot wait… Continue reading

8 Beach Essentials for this Summer

Going to the beach is my favorite thing to do in the summer. In fact lately my Instagram feed has been invaded by beach photos :) I love to go swimming, sunbathe, read… Continue reading

My KIKO Wishlist

I’ve never owned any KIKO products whatsoever, but as I’m constantly hearing raving reviews from my sisters, friends and even other beauty bloggers, I’m growing more and more curious! There are no KIKO boutiques… Continue reading

Wake Me Up! (Morning Essentials for Sleep Lovers)

I’ve never ever been a morning person. I was never predestined to be one either – everyone in my family likes a good long night’s sleep (growing up, it was rare to see any activity… Continue reading

My June Favorites

Already the end of June! Summer is finally here, and I am so happy I will be able to fully enjoy it for two whole months. This is probably the last long summer… Continue reading

My Favorite Products For Frizzy Hair

I was originally going to name this post “My Current Hair Routine” but fortunately I realised that a) that’s a bit boring and over-done and b) every hair product I’ve ever used is designed… Continue reading

Brand Post #2: The Body Shop

Today’s post is the second entry in my new feature: Brand Posts. After my first spotlight post about Barry M nail polishes, I am now turning to another brand that I love: The Body… Continue reading

Sephora and my Nails: A Love Story

I’ve been a loyal Sephora customer since before I can remember. And although for a few years now I’ve been purchasing less of less of their makeup products, I still regularly buy from their… Continue reading

My May Favorites

Today is the (before) last day of May. It’s been an exciting month for my blog, as I was lucky enough to be House of Lure’s Blog of the Month and my blog… Continue reading

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    Low tide and blue skies in Mornac ❤️ I'm having the best holiday in my happy place with the whole family ☀️☀️☀️ #Mornac #mornacsurseudre #seudre #charentemaritime #charente #poitoucharentes #royan #travel #france #holiday I freaking love this place ❤️ #talmont #talmontsurgironde #charentemaritime #charente #charentemaritimetourisme #france #travel #holidays Back in my happy place for two whole weeks: Charente-Maritime 😍 Just went for a nice walk around Mornac, admiring the roses and blue sky ❤️ #charentemaritime #17 #mornac #mornacsurseudre #charente #seudre #royan Alex and I have created a new account - go give it a follow 😊@unfragrantharbour  Showing the "darker side" of Hong Kong ➡️ creepy crawlies and surprising food! #hkisland #hkigers #hongkong #travel Hong Kong cityscapes 🏢🌳 #hkisland #hkigers #hongkong #kennedytown #kennedytownhk Found a rainbow staircase to match my t-shirt 😊🌈 #sheungwan #hkisland #hongkong #hkigers