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Great New TV Series to Watch: A to Z

“A to Z” is a brand new TV series – the first episode aired early October. There are only five episodes so far, each about 20 minutes long. I watched the first one… Continue reading

New Series Alert: Mistresses

Having just finished devouring the entire eight seasons of Desperate Housewives, I was desperately (haha) in need of a new TV series to watch. I love everything about summer, except the fact that… Continue reading

Happy 10th Anniversary FRIENDS!

Today is the 10th anniversary of the FRIENDS finale! FRIENDS is still the best TV show to ever air in my opinion. I still watch it at least once a week, it cheers… Continue reading

5 Things we Learned from New Girl S03E21

This week’s post-break up New Girl episode was sad but really touching. Nick and Jess started out acting immature as expected, but both really surprised me by the end of the episode, it was… Continue reading

Style Envy: Jess, Zoe, Blair, Aria and Lady Mary

I watch way too many TV shows and adore way too many TV characters. I’d already made a post about which characters would make the best real-life girl friends and boyfriends, and now I’m… Continue reading

Goodbye HIMYM!

Tonight the very last episode of How I Met Your Mother will air, and the cast and crew put together a Goodbye video for the occasion. I’m really looking forward to (finally!!) seeing… Continue reading

5 Things we Learned from New Girl S03E20

I waited a few days before posting this to not give out any spoilers, but Tuesday’s New Girl episode made me really sad and I still keep hoping the breakup was just a joke. Sadly, I don’t… Continue reading

Finally, all my Shows Started up Again !

While I do like that most shows take a bit of a Winter break, letting us addicted viewers really focus on our family and holiday celebrations for a few weeks, I am always… Continue reading

Downton Abbey S04 Christmas Special

Finally, this year’s Christmas Special! I was so looking forward to it, how I had missed Downton! And I was definitely not disappointed. So, as usual, a quick recap of the episode. Except… Continue reading