Sunday Snap #18

This week, a picture of a gorgeous sunset the fiancé and I witnessed in the vineyards near my sister’s house! My sister and I were watching TV in the living room when the… Continue reading

Introducing: My Instagram!

When I’m out and about I always have my phone handy to snap pictures of the pretty or interesting things I see, and post them on Instagram. I also use the social network… Continue reading

Brand Post #2: The Body Shop

Today’s post is the second entry in my new feature: Brand Posts. After my first spotlight post about Barry M nail polishes, I am now turning to another brand that I love: The Body… Continue reading

Sunday Snap #17

This week, a picture of the beach at Fréjus on the French Riviera where I spent the weekend with the fiancé and his parents!

Green Grass and Blue Skies

This year the city of Nice got a major revamp: a brand new 12-acre park right in the heart of the city, connecting the old historic centre with the more modern districts. It’s… Continue reading

Sephora and my Nails: A Love Story

I’ve been a loyal Sephora customer since before I can remember. And although for a few years now I’ve been purchasing less of less of their makeup products, I still regularly buy from their… Continue reading

Sunday Snap #16

This week, a picture of the gorgeous bright pink bougainvillea at a friend’s house! Also, with this post I have officially published 100 posts on The London Turtle, yay! :)  

My May Favorites

Today is the (before) last day of May. It’s been an exciting month for my blog, as I was lucky enough to be House of Lure’s Blog of the Month and my blog… Continue reading

Collioure: A Mediterranean Paradise

About a month ago, the fiancé and I stayed a week at my sister’s house for her birthday. We spent our time celebrating, baking, eating, watching movies, playing board games, cuddling the cat, and discovering… Continue reading