My Top Tips for Designing your Wedding Invitations

As I gradually tick off all the items on my wedding to-do list, I like to write a blog post about the top tips and tricks I learned along the way. Previous posts include tips about picking your wedding dress, drafting your guest list and sending save the dates – if you’re a future bride or know one, have a read!

Recently, the fiancé and I designed and ordered our wedding invitations. The process was exciting and creative, and I’m very happy with the results! So here is what I learned along the way.

wedding invitation

Image source: The Wedding Chicks

The Content

Wedding invitations serve two purposes: informing guests about your wedding details, and getting them excited. In my opinion the two are actually equally important! In terms of content you therefore need all the essential information to be clearly displayed on the invitation:

  • Date (don’t forget the year!)
  • Time (state your start time a little bit earlier than the actual one – some guests will be late!)
  • Venue (a clear, Google-friendly name)
  • Address (and directions if they are tricky)
  • RSVP instructions: how and by when
  • Additional information: your wedding website, phone numbers, etc.

Whereas invitation wording used to be pretty limited, nowadays you can really phrase your invitation however you want to. For example, discuss with your fiancé and then both your parents if you’d like the invitation to state your parents’ names or not. Of course this also depends on who is funding the wedding! You’ll also need to decide if you’d prefer to keep your invitation short and sweet, or include information about the dresscode and schedule of the day (or keep this information to the wedding website).

The Design

There are thousands of websites out there with beautiful wedding invitation templates, so I really don’t recommend starting your invitations from scratch. Although this is what we did for our Save the Dates, invitations are trickier! Many websites will let you customise their templates as much as you want, making the whole process much easier. One particular website we really liked and used during our process was Here Comes the Bride – they have gorgeous wedding stationary, and I highly recommend paying a visit if you’re currently looking for inspiration.

The design of your invitation serves the second function I mentioned earlier: getting people excited! So really think about the message you want to get across – will you wedding be super fancy? relaxed? original? These themes should guide your decisions in terms of layout, font and colors. The invitation is the first real glimpse into your wedding that guests will get!

HCTB Invitations

Ordering the Invitations

Once your design is complete, order a proof from the provider, and correct any mistakes until you are 100% happy with it. Then you are ready to order! I’d recommend also ordering a few extra, as a souvenir to stick in your wedding scrapbook and give to your parents, as well as for any last minute guests!

Sending the Invitations

Don’t underestimate the power of a shiny, pearly envelope. Many invitation providers now supply matching envelopes to send your invitations, and I recommend buying and using them! A beautiful invitation would look very out of place in a common white envelope.

So who should you send the invitations to? Obviously, everyone who previously received a Save the Date! As well as any additional guests if you’re lucky enough to be able to slot a few more in. And when? Most wedding gurus recommend 2 to 4 months before the wedding day, and 4 to 6 months for a destination wedding to allow time for guests to book flights and accommodation.

Now What?

Now you wait for RSVPs! After your RSVP date has come and gone and you haven’t received everyone’s (trust me, this will happen) wait a few days and then start chasing up! Helpful bridesmaids can also help with this task :)

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful! Don’t forget to check out my other wedding blog posts and share any tips you have with me!