My Top 5 Productivity Tips

Top 5 Productivity Tips

I think productivity may be my #1 skill. Teachers, employers and even friends are always amazed by how fast I get stuff done, whether that’s writing an essay, doing my Christmas shopping or creating a blog post! I’d already written a post with my Top 8 Organisation Tips, but I thought it was time to focus on my true power!

5 Ways to Boost your Productivity

1. Allow yourself small breaks, and plan them out. I suggest 10 minutes of break time for every 90 minutes of full-on work. Try to do something relaxing during your breaks, like making a cup of tea – avoid your computer screen for those 10 minutes!

2. Plan a small reward at the end of your work. If you get that essay or revision done, treat yourself to a new episode of your favorite show, a slice of cake, a walk with a friend – whatever you want! This will keep you motivated as you work – but don’t break and reward yourself early!

3. Minimise distractions as you work. When using Word for example, I suggest choosing the ‘Focus’ view which leaved you only with your document and tools. I also recommend closing Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, etc… turn off your Wi-Fi if you can!

Top 5 Productivity Tips

4. Be realistic enough with your daily or weekly work goals to make sure you can meet them, yet ambitious enough to make sure you’re doing your best.

5. Find the right tools for the task at hand: Evernote for quick note taking across devices, Kabbage for small entrepreneurship loans, Yast for time tracking… even a simple Excel spreadsheet can do wonders!


What are your top productivity tips?