Great New TV Series to Watch: A to Z

“A to Z” is a brand new TV series – the first episode aired early October. There are only five episodes so far, each about 20 minutes long. I watched the first one not too long ago as a quick break from revision… and ended up watching all five in one go! Procrastination wizard at work here. Here are a few reasons I think many people would enjoy this show, and should add it to their Autumn watch list!

4 Reasons to Start Watching “A to Z” ASAP!

A to Z TV Series

The Story

“A to Z” is very simply about two strangers, Andrew and Zelda, meeting and falling in love. It’s a sweet love story, in which every milestone from A to Z is thoroughly documented. Episode 1 is titles “A for Acquaintances” and so forth, which I think is cute and clever. We are already told that Andrew and Zelda will “date for eight months and three weeks”… after which they will break up or get engaged/married, who knows!

The Main Characters

Andrew and Zelda are two extremes: he is a hopeless romantic and she is down-to-earth and quite guarded. This is of course the starting point to countless chick flicks, but in “A to Z” their character traits aren’t overly exaggerated. Both are very sweet in their own way and their compatibility is obvious from Episode 1! Zelda is also very witty and smart, and their interactions are always funny.

The Actress

Zelda is played by the amazing Cristin Milioti, which most of us will know as the mother from How I Met Your Mother. I’d always felt a bit disappointed that we’d only met the mother at the end of the show as Cristin is a delightful actress, very cute, quirky and funny. With this brand new show, we get to see her front and center, and she’s every bit as wonderful as she was in HIMYM.

The Sidekicks

Both Zelda and Andrew have a best friend/sidekick of course, and Andrew’s is particularly funny. Played by Henry Zebrowski (The Wolf of Wall Street), the big-mouthed, rude and pretty clueless character is the right combination of funny and touching.