DIY: Fun Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Spending quality time with my bridesmaids was one of the things I was most looking forward to about wedding planning. Brides often get swept up in the craziness that is wedding planning, and forget to value their bridesmaids and simply enjoy being with them at various stages of the process. Bridesmaids are responsible for a lot of things, from going wedding dress shopping with the bride to organising her bachelorette party. It can obviously get pretty stressful, and so I think it’s nice for the bride to do something for them in return.

I chose to do this DIY project in order to treat my girls to a little present before we even started planning the wedding together. I organised a weekend meet-up, for which all of them were nice enough to come to London, so they could all meet. I greeted them with individual Bridesmaid Survival Kits: a little box full of bridesmaid goodies to help them look and feel their best on the big day!

DIY Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Bridesmaid Survival Kit Supplies


  • Medium-sized boxes
  • Colored sheets of decorative tissue paper
  • Colored ribbons
  • Bridesmaid cards
  • Colored envelopes

Now you obviously need as many of each supply as there are bridesmaids. I recommend going with your wedding color scheme if you can. I picked yellow for five envelopes, and pink for my maid of honor. I made and printed my own bridesmaid cards to make them really personal, but you can also get some really gorgeous ones from Etsy.

Step 1

Cut your tissue paper to fit your boxes if necessary, and stuff each box.

Bridesmaid Survival Kit Supplies Boxes Stuffed with Tissue Paper

Step 2

Fill with the goodies you picked! I recommend mixing fun things with more basic day-of essentials. Some of my favorites are: mini nail polish, hairspray, chocolate bar, safety pins, hair pins, aspirin, kleenex, bracelets or earrings, party poppers, etc. Anything you want and you feel represents you, your bridesmaids and your wedding.

Step 3

Close the box, and wrap with the colored ribbon. Slide the card inside the envelope and underneath your ribbon, and voila all done!

Bridesmaid Survival Kit Supplies Final Result