5 Things that Made me Happy This Week

I’m starting a new blog tradition which I can hopefully keep! Every week or every month I’d like to write about five small things – events, people, anything really – that have made me happy. I see it as a way of staying positive and reminding myself of all the wonderful things happening in my life!

So, here goes for my first one.

5 Happy Things #1

1. The fiancé started a new job on Monday and he is loving it! I am super happy for him and very proud of his accomplishment.

2. I finally got to wear my wellies that I specifically bought to celebrate moving to London! The rain can stop now please.

3. I have been having so much fun organising a fun weekend for all my bridesmaids – the weekend is (almost!) finally here and I can’t wait!

4. I cooked dinner this week for an amazing friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in over a year and had such a wonderful time rekindling our friendship.

5. I ordered leopard-print furry slippers on New Look, just for the heck for it really. And because my feet were super cold. I love them, they’re so comfy!

New Look Furry Slippers