Why, When and How to Send out Save the Dates

“Save the Date” cards are becoming more and more of a widespread wedding tradition, particularly in the US and the UK.The fiancé and I have started thinking about designing and sending out our own, and so I thought I’d share the info and tips I learned along the way!

Save the Date Tips and Tricks

Sending out Save the Date Cards: Tips & Tricks

Why should we send out Save the Dates?

Save the Dates are formal wedding announcements sent to guests a long while before the actual date, to ensure everyone has booked out that particular day and will therefore be able to come. They also encourage out-of-towners to start thinking about transport and accommodation early. And last but certainly not least, they get people excited about the wedding!
Tip: To that end, try to make them colorful, fun and innovative, to really stand out and get everyone looking forward to the big day!

When should we send them out?

Most wedding blogs recommend sending out Save the Dates 9 to 10 months before the big day for a destination wedding (read: when most if not all guests will be flying over) and 6 to 8 months before a home wedding.
Tip: Increase those times if your wedding is during the summer or a bank holiday, as people book their holidays early! Believe it or not, our wedding is actually a destination wedding, during the summer, on a bank holiday weekend… So we’re sending ours out 10 months before!

What should they look like?

Nowadays there are so many options when it comes to Save the Dates, it’s incredible. There are actually loads more options than for formal wedding invitations! You can go the traditional route with a card in the mail, or get creative by sending out magnets, bookmarks or paper weights. Whether or not you include a photo of yourselves is up to you. Some couples go down the digital route and create a fun video which they then send via email or post on their wedding website. A video is a great option if you want to include friends and family!
Tip: Be as creative as you can! You want something which will stick in your guests’ heads. Also be careful to use a medium all guests can access – do they all have an email address for example?

Save the Date Tips and Tricks

Who should we send them to?

Every single guest, no exceptions! Even your relatives and close friends who clearly know about the wedding date, as you don’t want them to feel left out!
Tip: Try and keep the design and format of your Save the Date between you and your fiancé, and only a few other people if you really want a second opinion. They’ll be a nice surprise for everyone else! Also make sure you’ve definitely finalized your guest list before sending them out – you obviously can’t send out a Save the Date which isn’t then followed up by an invitation!

What should we put on them?

You need the date of your wedding of course, as well as both your names. Most people choose to only use first names on Save the Dates as it looks cleaner. You should also indicate where the wedding will take place so people have an idea of how far they have to go, but you can stay a bit vague if you wish to keep the element of surprise. Don’t forget to include “Save the Date” at the top and “Formal invitation to follow” at the bottom to avoid any confusion!
Tip: Use the color scheme you’ve defined for your wedding, as well as fonts if you’ve thought that far ahead yet!

How much will they cost us?

As little or as much as you want them to! An email, pretty slideshow or simple video which is then sent out to everyone via email is 100% free. If you choose to send them by mail, you’ll have to pay for postage of course, and the heavier the Save the Date, the more expensive. Remember you are sending them out to couples and families though for the most part, so you won’t actually have to pay for 100-150 stamps!
Tip: Make sure you don’t forget this expense when planning your wedding budget.

Hope you enjoyed my tips and found them useful, please share with any future brides you may know :)

Photo credits: The Wedding Chicks