8 Beach Essentials for this Summer

Going to the beach is my favorite thing to do in the summer. In fact lately my Instagram feed has been invaded by beach photos :) I love to go swimming, sunbathe, read cheesy novels, play cards and spend time with my family or friends. I could spend my entire day at the beach!
But to make sure I’m making the most of my time at the beach, there are a few essentials I always make sure to bring with me. I think they’re pretty universal, and I highly recommend bringing them along too next time you’re at the beach this summer!

The London Turtle Beach Bag EssentialsMy 8 Beach Essentials

1 – A large beach bag

You don’t want to have to carry everything around in your arms, so make sure you get a big beach bag. Waterproof bags are pretty handy too! I got this bag at Victoria’s Secret ages ago and have used it every year since – it’s the perfect size.

Victoria's Secret Beach Bag

2 – A hair brush and a hair tie

After swimming in the ocean, chances are your hair is pretty tangled. To avoid locking in the salt and sand it’s collected, make sure you bring along a hair brush or comb to get those tangles out. Once my hair has dried a bit, I also like to tie it up in a spiral hair tie, to avoid exposing it too much to sunlight and sand, and to keep cool on really hot days.

3 – Hair serum

Following on from the previous point, I actually go a step further in protecting my hair by applying a tiny amount of hair serum or oil before I go swimming. I put it on the lower third of my hair – it adds a small layer of protection to avoid being too damaged by saltwater and sunlight. Lately I’ve been using this miniature bottle of Caudalie Divine Oil – it’s the perfect size!

Hair Serum Caudalie Hair Brush Spiral Hair Tie4 – Sunglasses

Make sure you bring a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes, and don’t lose them in the water!

5 – A good book

I love to read on the beach, mostly light and funny novels. Ever since I got my e-reader, I’ve been bringing that to the beach, which is really handy when I’ve finished my novel or want to switch it up for an afternoon. Make sure you don’t get it too sandy though!

Kobo e-reader and Sunglasses

6 – Suncream

This one is a given! Here a few reminders though about suncream, for good measure. You need to apply it 30 minutes before going in the sun, then every 2 hours if you’re not swimming, or after every bath if you are! Remember to cream your entire body, even remote spots you wouldn’t think burn (like earlobes!).

7 – Antibacterial hand gel

If you get your hands dirty with sand, algue or anything else, it’s always good to have a mini bottle of hand gel in your beach bag. You never know what you may be touching, and it’s good to freshen up your hands when you leave.

8 – Lip balm

Lips can get pretty dried out from all that saltwater and sun, so make sure you apply a small amount of lip balm every once a while to keep them hydrated. You can do it when you apply suncream, so you don’t forget!

Vichy Suncream The Body Shop Hand Gel Carmex Lip Balm

There you have it, my eight beach essentials. Obviously I also bring a bathing suit and beach towel, but that goes without saying. One last point I would add would be not to bring too many valuable objects to the beach! My e-reader is the most expensive thing I bring – no iPhones or iPods! They risk getting sand in them, or worse, stolen.

Hope you all enjoy the beach this summer :)