My KIKO Wishlist

I’ve never owned any KIKO products whatsoever, but as I’m constantly hearing raving reviews from my sisters, friends and even other beauty bloggers, I’m growing more and more curious! There are no KIKO boutiques in Nice so I’ve had a bit of a browse on their website and predictably so, a lot of products caught my attention. After carefully triangulating my color preferences, my current makeup stash and other makeup addict’s opinions (wishlist-making is a science!), I’ve carefully compiled my KIKO wishlist!

My KIKO Wishlist – Face, Eyes and Lips

Kiko Wishlist All

KIKO Face Products

Kiko Wishlist Face Concealer Blush Bronzer

1. Sun Lovers Blush in Brazilian Pink

This is from their beautiful Life in Rio collection. It acts as a blush as well as a highlighter if you use both sides!

2. Cheeky Color Creamy blush in Coral Rose

I’ve rarely seen blushes with this ingenious shape, I really want to try this one out. The coral rose is also very pretty.

3. Full Coverage Concealer

This is described as super covering, as well as non greasy and serum-absorbing – really want to try it out, especially as I’m on the hunt for a good concealer!

KIKO Eye Products

Kiko Wishlist Eyes Eyeshadow Eyeliner Eyebrows

4. Street Glam EyeShadow & Eyeliner Palette in Elegant Tones

Such beautiful complementary colors! I also have very few blue eyeshadows, so would love to add this to my collection.

5. Creamy Touch Eyeshadow Duo in Ebony & Aquamarine – Life in RIO

I have very few eyeshadow pencils like this one, but I love their creamy texture! These two colors are beautiful: the blue is perfect for a daytime summery look and the black for an evening look.

6. Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit in Deep Brunettes

I need a good eyebrow kit and don’t really want to splurge on a Benefit one, so this is perfect!

KIKO Lip Products

Kiko Wishlist Lips Kiss Balm Lipstick

7. Exotic Shine Lipstick in Voluptuous Pink

Such a gorgeous summery color!

8. Kiko Kiss Balm in Strawberry

This looks super hydrating, contains SPF and smells like strawberries, yum!

I am totally convinced by this makeup brand after only spending an hour or so on its website! I’d also used a few of their products in my sisters’ stashes which I’d really liked. The packaging looks super luxurious, they’re good quality products, and they’re at such low prices compared to similar brands! I also really like their limited edition collections, especially Life in Rio. Most of these products will probably be joining my current makeup stash very soon!