8 Tips for Working from Home

Working from home sounds like a dream, but it’s actually harder than most people think! The TV, your bed and the fridge are dangerously close to your desk, and it can actually get quite lonely not having any colleagues. It can also be hard to stay motivated and disciplined without anyone looking over your shoulder. I actually think working from home isn’t for everybody!

I’ve been working from home for six months now (it’s coming to an end!), and have developed my own strategies to make sure I am the most productive I can be. I thought I would share a few tips and tricks for other at-home workers, or if you’re thinking of making the transition!

Working From Home Tips and Tricks

My Top 8 Tips when Working from Home

In the Morning

1. Stick to your usual morning routine. That means, wake up at a decent hour, have a shower and eat your breakfast. You can do these at the same time as your working roommate/partner if that helps you get out of bed early!

2. This second tip goes hand in hand with the first one – get dressed! It will be so tempting to just stay in your comfy PJ’s all day, but trust me you will be so much more productive in real clothes. I sometimes choose to even put some light makeup on to really feel like I’ve left the house and I’m at work.

Working from Home Light Makeup

During the Day

3. Set yourself work hours and stick to them. Those may be 9 am to 6 pm for exemple – however long you need to do the amount of work that has to be done in a day. Make sure to give yourself a decent lunch break, away from your computer screen (why not grab a quick bite with a friend!), as well as two mini breaks in the morning and afternoon (go make a cup of coffee for exemple).

4. I always make sure to leave the flat at least once a day – whether it was to go buy food, post a letter, or even go for a quick walk around the block. Days will start blurring into one another if you never leave your flat!

Your Work Space

5. You need to have your own “office” – whether that’s an actual room or just a small desk in the corner of the living room. That space is entirely dedicated to work and work only. Make sure to keep it clean and neat, and why not invest in some pretty stationery and desk accessories – it will make sitting down and getting to work much more enjoyable!

6. Create a “Work” user session on your computer, with only the essentials (Word, Excel, etc.) as well as your work email and Skype. If you’re easily distracted, you can even block social media sites on this session. I also recommend putting your phone on discreet mode, to avoid interruptions!

Working from Home Cup of Coffee

7. You can have a cup of coffee or even a French coffee press or teapot by your side, but avoid leaving snacks on your desk… You will gain so much weight before you even know it! If you do get hungry easily, leave fruits on your desk. And remember, even getting up and walking to the kitchen will be a nice break from your computer screen.

8. Don’t EVER work from bed! Bed is for rest and other things :) Your brain needs to remember that!