My June Favorites

Already the end of June! Summer is finally here, and I am so happy I will be able to fully enjoy it for two whole months. This is probably the last long summer I am going to get for a very long time (what a sad thought!). June has been a wonderful month, during which the fiancé and I travelled a lot to spend time with the people we love. We visited his best friend in Aix-en-Provence for three days as well as my sister near Narbonne for two whole weeks. Sadly we had to move out of our flat in Nice, which we will miss dearly. But on to more adventures in London come September!

Because I spent the majority of June living out of a suitcase, and spending a lot of time outside in 30° degree weather in the South of France, I actually used very little makeup products. This month, my 6 most used and loved products are all about summer, and especially surviving the summer heat!

The London Turtle My June Favorites

Caudalie Divine Oil

Caudalie Divine Oil

I bought this oil a while ago and enjoyed using it, but because I already had a separate oil for my hair and butter for my skin, I didn’t actually use it that much. This month I have rediscovered it as a fabulous summer treatment for hair! Before I go out in the sun, or worse go swimming in the ocean, I apply a tiny amount of Caudalie oil on the lower half of my hair – it keeps it protected and nourished! I’m always careful not to apply too much though (two pumps max) as it can make my hair look greasy.

Mitchum Deodorant

Mitchum Deodorant Shower Fresh

A bit of a less glamorous product obviously, but during the summer, deodorant is a pretty big beauty must! I adore Mitchum deodorants, which are in my opinion the most effective ones out there. I’ve only ever found them in the UK, so I always make sure to stock up before going to France. I recommend the Shower Fresh version, which has a barely-there scent.

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter 2I’ve already professed my love of The Body Shop to the entire world in my second Brand Post, so you know how much I adore their products. This hair butter is no exception! Once a week, I apply it to my hair after my shampoo, leave it on for a good five minutes and rinse it out. It makes my hair super soft, it repairs the damage from sun and salt exposure, and it smells wonderful!

Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist

Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist

I always avoid using actual perfume during the summer as it can sometimes turn quite funky. On super hot days I much prefer wearing this light VS body mist (which was a gift from my little sister!). It smells fruity and fresh without being too overpowering – perfect ! (I’m so excited VS has opened a store in London!).

Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Vichy Eau Thermale

I love thermal water sprays, and have this Vichy one, as well as the Avène and Uriage ones. I use them in so many different ways all year around, but I especially love them as a great way to refresh and hydrate your skin in the summer heat! I have a collection of tall and miniature ones to keep at home and in my bag.

l’Oréal Glam Bronze Blonde Harmony Duo Sun Powder

l'Oréal Glam Bronze Blonde Harmony Duo Sun Powder l'Oréal Glam Bronze Blonde Harmony Duo Sun Powder 2

This is the only makeup product in my June Favorites! For the longest time I was terrified of using bronzer. I always applied it wrong! But after watching many Youtube tutorials by my favorite beauty bloggers, I think I’ve mastered it :) This bronzer is a bit glittery, so summer is the only time I can wear it without feeling silly. It’s also too dark for winter, so definitely a summer beauty product!

Hope you enjoyed my June Favorites – what were yours?