A Day in Aix-en-Provence

Aix-en-Provence is definitely one of my favorite cities in France. During the weekend the fiancé and I spent at his friend’s house near Marseille early June (when we hiked to the Everine Calanque!), we spent most of Sunday walking around this gorgeous city. For anyone planning on visiting Aix, I’d actually recommend going on a Sunday – the streets are much more peaceful as most shops are closed, yet the city is still alive because of the Sunday market. We also had a very yummy brunch there at the Petit Resto – yummy albeit a bit steep!

Beautiful Aix-en-Provence

I love Aix-en-Provence because of its weather, which is warm and gorgeous 99% of the time, its Southern food, its beautiful colors and its many, many fountains. There aren’t actually that many sights or museums to see and visit, it’s mostly just really enjoyable to walk up and down its small streets and admire the architecture and fountains. There are also lots of restaurants and bars, and very often street markets and fairs. Definitely a must-see city if you’re ever in the South of France!

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