A Gorgeous Hike on the Mediterranean Coast

Early June, the fiancé and I visited a good friend of his in the South of France. She has a beautiful home right between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. We had stunning 30° weather all weekend long, ate loads of yummy Southern food, enjoyed the company of her pet turtles, cat and pigeon, and generally had an amazing time.

The Calanque of Erevine

Calanque Erevine

On the Saturday, she had planned a fantastic hike for us which we really enjoyed. Starting in the village of Petit Méjean, we hiked along the coast, alternating rocks, cliffs and paths, for a good hour before arriving at a beautiful tiny beach at the foot of the Erevine Calanque. “Calanque” is a French word, and it basically means a steep wall or cliff made of limestone which borders a body of water.
We immediately jumped into the water to cool down, then enjoyed the small picnic we had brought along.

It was easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to in France! I highly recommend this Petit Mejean – Erevine hike for anyone who’s on holiday in the Marseille and Aix region. It’s easy enough yet sometimes a bit challenging, the views are amazing all the way down, and the gorgeous beach at the end is such a nice reward. Here are a few more photos to convince you!

Calanque Erevine 3 Calanque Erevine 4 Voie Ferrée Calanque Erevine 5 Calanque Erevine 2 Bateaux Calanque Erevine 7 Plage Calanque Erevine 6 Plage Calanque Erevine 8