Sephora and my Nails: A Love Story

I’ve been a loyal Sephora customer since before I can remember. And although for a few years now I’ve been purchasing less of less of their makeup products, I still regularly buy from their skin and nail-care lines. I use their body butter on a daily basis (it’s one of my “simple skin habits“!) and their nail care products every time I do my nails. Here is how I use these products and why I recommend them!

Sephora’s Amazing Nail Care Line

Sephora Nailcare Line

Sephora Nail File

Sephora Nail File Shape
Sephora Nail File Finish

The first step to any manicure is to file your nails. The Sephora nail file has two sides: Shape and Finish. And that’s all you need! I really don’t like those new fancy files with four or six different sides. The Shape side is rough and cuts down your nails fast, and the Finish side is much softer so you can shape your nails exactly how you want them.

Sephora 3 in 1 Perfection Base Coat

Sephora 3 in 1 Perfection Base Coat

Every good manicure needs a base coat. I’ve tried several and this is my favorite! It’s “3 in 1” because it’s meant to protect, smooth and strengthen your nails. I don’t know about the strengthening part because I’ve never had brittle nails, but it does definitely keep my nails healthy and smooth! It dries pretty fast too and helps nail polish go on much easier.

Sephora Mirror Shine Top Coat

Sephora Mirror Shine Top Coat

Every good manicure also needs a good top coat! The Sephora top coat is enriched with synthetic diamond powder, which makes nail polish shine much brighter. I love the effect it has on my nails. It does a very good job at protecting nails from chipping and helping color last a long time.  Everything you need from a top coat!

Sephora Nail Hardener, Strengthener & Smoother

Sephora Nail Hardener and Strengthener

When I don’t use color on my nails I simply apply this very light pink color from Sephora. It protects and the nail and makes it healthier, all the while giving it a nice nude barely-there color. This is a classic I’ve been repurchasing for years!

I highly recommend these four products as basics to any beauty addict’s nail polish collection. I use three of them whenever I want a perfect manucure, and the fourth whenever I don’t use color!