My May Favorites

Today is the (before) last day of May. It’s been an exciting month for my blog, as I was lucky enough to be House of Lure’s Blog of the Month and my blog celebrated its six month anniversary! My follower base is growing every day, and I’m really getting into blogging. I started a new beauty feature, Brand Posts (new one coming soon!)… and made some yummy White Chocolate & Raspberry Muffins :) I’ve even got a brand new design! I’ve also got some exciting beauty and lifestyle posts coming up for you in June.

Because May was a pretty relaxed month travel-wise (and we had a gazillion bank holidays in France), I’ve been taking the time to play around with some new makeup and nail items I recently acquired, three of which feature in this post. I’ve also been prepping my skin for summer with scrubs and lotions and two products have clearly stood out and merit a spotlight in this favorites post too. Enjoy!

May Favorites The London Turtle

Garancia “En Deux Coups de Baguette” Makeup Remover

May Favorites Garancia Deux Coups de Baguette Makeup Remover

I received this makeup remover in my March Birchbox but hadn’t gotten around to using it much as I had so many other makeup removers in use. Because of its creamy texture and rather long application (a cloth wipe is involved!), I used it for the first time on a particularly heavy make-up day early May. I loved it! You’re meant to rub it over your entire face then remove it with a wet cloth. This worked really well, and all my makeup (foundation, lips and eyes) was wiped away in mere seconds. Definitely one to keep for full-face days!

l’Oréal “Color Riche” Eyeshadow Palette in E4

May Favorites l'Oreal Color Riche Palette

This is perhaps the most basic eyeshadow palette ever: it’s been around for years and almost everyone has one. I don’t know why I was so late in getting my own, but I’m happy I finally did! I went for a pretty nude combination – I’m a sucker for nude eyeshadow. I love combining these four colors to create a brown smoky eye for night time, or a light iridescent look for the daytime. The palette is very easy to use, and the colors are really pretty and complementary. The only downside is its terrible brush, but who uses those anyway!

NYX Nail Polish in “Sparkles”

May Favorites NYX Sparkles Glitter Nail Polish

I’ve got a few sparkly nail polishes to use as top coats, and this one is my favorite! I rediscovered it this month and used it on several of my manicures (including this one!). It goes on super evenly and smoothly and dries really fast too!

The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Scrub

May Favorites Body Shop Shea Butter Body Scrub

This is easily one of the best body scrubs I’ve tried in a long time. I’m addicted to them and I’ve tried millions, so that’s not an easy compliment for me to make! I’ve also tried other Body Shop scrubs, but this is the most effective one in my opinion. It smells wonderful, and has thick grains which actually work (without feeling like you’re using a cheese grater on your skin). I use this weekly and have truly seen a difference on my skin.

Soap & Glory “Hand Food” Hand Lotion

May Favorites Soap & Glory Hand Food

This is a product I got off Erin’s blog sale and I’m happy I did! I’ve been discovering Soap & Glory’s collection lately (one of their body scrubs features in my April favorites) and I already love this brand. I apply this hand cream every night now before going to bed, and my hands are wonderfully smooth. It smells very fresh and sweet, I love it!

Hope you enjoyed this Favorites post! What have your favorites been this month?