Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I recently finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (I know, basically a year after the rest of the world) and I really enjoyed it. Whenever I finish a book I post a quick review on my 2014 Log but I decided to dedicate a full post to this book. So here goes, and don’t worry I’m keeping spoilers to a minimum!

Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

Overall rating: ♥♥♥♥

Gone Girl Gyllian Flynn Book Cover


On the morning of their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick discovers his wife Amy is missing from their new home in Carthage, Missouri. Their living room is turned upside down, the front door is flung wide open and the iron is still hot.

Pretty soon, ugly details about their marriage are uncovered and Nick becomes the police’s main suspect. The media, his sister and his parents-in-law turn more and more against him as more and more of his flaws and wrongdoings surface. Nick is an immature, selfish and egotistical man who resents yet resembles his misogynistic father and no longer loves the wife he once adored.

As the reader follows the police’s investigation and discovers Amy’s diary entries from previous years, the poor wife truly seems to be the victim of a horrible domestic crime. But the reader soon learns Amy is not all that innocent in this messy marriage.



What I loved most about this book was its double narrative: throughout the entire novel, the reader enters Nick’s and Amy’s minds in alternating chapters. Both characters are deliciously twisted and captivating in their own ways. Nick is violent, hateful and immature and fundamentally has all the worse traits a man can have. Amy is manipulative, high-maintenance and dishonest… the worse traits a woman can have. They are both brilliant and cruel people whose biggest weakness is each other. Despite everything they’ve done to one another, they love each other very much, they are each other’s raison d’être: they challenge each other to become the best version of themselves to the point where it becomes very dangerous.


Flynn’s writing is very gripping. At times I literally could not put this book down. Almost every chapter ends with a cliffhanger, which makes you want to read not one but two extra chapters as the narratives alternate between husband and wife! At the middle of the book comes a genius plot twist that guarantees the reader finish the second half of the book in one go. Flynn also switches from Nick’s to Amy’s mind brilliantly, revealing the shameful motives, inner thoughts and deepest desires of each character. Each character is so convincingly written that within each chapter, the reader loses sight of the spouse’s story and finds himself completely siding with Amy or Nick.


The only critic I would have is the ending, which is a bit anticlimactic in my opinion. However it does completely reflect Amy’s disturbed personality, which is very fitting.

Movie Adaptation:

Gone Girl Movie Poster

In October the movie adaptation will be hitting theaters, with Ben Affleck as Nick and Rosamund Pike as Amy. I’m very excited to see it, especially as the author has written a brand new ending for the movie. Here is the trailer!