Brand Post #1: Barry M Cosmetics

I am starting a new regular feature on the blog (my other regular features include my Sunday Snaps and my Monthly Favorites)! These “Brand Posts” will feature every product I own from one of my favorite beauty brands, as well as the reasons I love it so much. I’m starting the feature off with my favorite nail polish brand: Barry M.

My Favorite Nail Polish Brand: Barry M

Barry M Nail Polishes

Barry M Cosmetics was created in London in 1982 by Barry Maro. Back then it was the first brand to offer bright and innovative colors. It is now the UK’s n°1 fashion cosmetics company. Barry M carries other products than nail polish, including lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara but I’ve only ever tried its nail polishes. I love them! Here’s why:

– They’re very easy to apply as they glide onto the nail super smoothly – I only ever require one or two strokes per nail. They’re also pretty opaque which means you don’t need a billion coats.

– They have a wide range of really pretty colors.

– The bottles are quite big compared to other brands, and at very reasonable prices – usually £2.99 a bottle.

– They’re constantly inventing new nail effects: Magnetic, Croc, Glitter… And they always turn out so pretty!

– They last longer than any other brand I’ve tried, usually 5 to 6 days with no chipping (provided you use a top coat of course).

My Barry M Nail Polish Collection

My collection isn’t actually that extensive for now, but I know it will keep growing (I’m browsing their website as we speak…). I’ve got six regular nail colors and one magnetic one.

My Summer Collection

Barry M Nail Polishes Indigo Mint Green Bright Purple

Indigo // Mint Green // Bright Purple

My Winter Collection

Barry M Nail Polishes Dark Silver Red Wine Mushroom

Dark Silver // Red Wine // Mushroom

My Magnetic Collection

Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish Moon Dust

Moon Dust

This nail polish is fun to use: you apply one regular coat and wait for it to dry. You then apply the second coat and immediately hold the Magnet (on the left) on top of the nail. It creates a very cool marbled effect!

Stay tuned for more Brand Posts!