May Birchbox: My Review

One of my favorite French lifestyle bloggers, La Mouette, had posted a wonderful review of her Birchbox at the beginning of the month. I adored all her products and so I was really excited to get mine. However, I got completely different products! Not a single one matched. I was still happy with most of them, but nevertheless this month’s box gets a mixed review.

May Birchbox: Generations!

For May’s box, Birchbox partnered with a French stationery company called Papier Tigre to create the wonderfully cute retro box the products came in. I adore the packaging and will be keeping this box to store my jewelry in! The theme was “Questions de Générations” and centered around Mothers’ Day. The leaflet explains that the box contains timeless products used by our mothers and grandmothers, as well as new innovative products they probably wished they had back in the day. I’m not entirely convinced every single product stuck with the theme, but I like the idea.

May Birchbox FR Contents Papier Tigre

– “Protect & Shampoo” Shampoo and “Protect & Condition” Conditioner by Beauty Protector ♥♥♥

May Birchbox Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner

I already knew about this brand as I’d received the Beauty Protector Hair Oil in a previous Birchbox. I really liked that product: it smelled wonderful and worked really well. So I was pretty happy when I saw these two samples in this month’s box! They smell just as nice as the hair oil. I’ve only used them once for now but my hair is definitely smoother. I also really like that this range has UV protection built in.

– “Baume Tout Rose” Cheek & Lip Cream by Akane (5ml) ♥♥

May Birchbox Akane Lip and Cheeks Stain

This lip and cheek stain is in itself a very cute and practical product. Problem is, I got almost the exact same product in my April Birchbox! This one is a slightly more muted and natural pink, so I may use the two stains in different situations. This product is also described as nourishing and hydrating for your skin and lips while the previous one wasn’t.

– Self-Tanning Face & Body Wipe by Prevens (1 wipe) ♥♥

May Birchbox Prevens Paris Self-Tanning Wipes

I never ever use self-tanner as I always find the result was too orange. However I may give this a go as I’m wearing a short dress to my sister’s wedding next weekend and don’t want my legs to be terribly wintery pale! I do think the wipe format will be easier to use than lotion or spray, so I’m looking forward to seeing the result.

– Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Rich Plum by Laura Mercier (0.8g) ♥♥

May Birchbox Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner in Rich Plum

I’ve always wanted to try solid eye-liner… however I have yet to buy the right brush. I’ll have to wait before trying this product! It bugs me that Birchbox would assume all its clients have an eyeliner brush. However the color is gorgeous, and this is quite a prestigious brand!

– “Beauness” Toner by Menard (10ml) ♥♥

May Birchbox Menard Lotion Beauness

Toner has never been a part of my evening skincare routine, even though I know it should! I’m looking forward to trying this product out, as an additional step after removing my makeup, and seeing if it makes a difference. It’s meant to remove all remaining dirt, makeup and oil as well as tighten pores.This Menard toner is apparently widely used in Japan!


Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the variety of products as many of them resembled samples I’d already received in previous Birchboxes (and this is only my fourth month!), as well as the quantity – the samples this month were really small (only 1 wipe!). However the cute packaging and the quality of the products do partly make up for it, and my love of Birchbox is unaffected!