My Blog is 6 Months Old (and a Quick History)!

My blog The London Turtle is now six months old! I started this blog back in October when I was living in Berlin and working at Zalando. Because part of my job involved contacting fashion and lifestyle blogs, I realised just how many wonderful blogs were out there. Being a blogger seemed like such a fun and rewarding experience, and I decided to try it out. I’m so happy I did!

The London Turtle’s First Six Months

At the beginning my blog focused on Berlin of course, as well as TV shows and movies I was watching at the time. I was actually pretty uninspired at first and lost interest for a bit. I was also too shy to show it to anyone! However, when the fiancé and I got a brand new Canon camera in early March, I decided to revamp my blog and really get into it. I bought my own domain, set up my social media profiles (in the right sidebar!) and started showing my blog to my family and friends. A friend of mine even agreed to draw a unique banner for me! I love the result.

The London Turtle Logo

I now really enjoy blogging: writing posts, taking pretty pictures and particularly interacting with other bloggers. It’s also been a great opportunity to learn about blogging platforms, CSS and HTML code, photo editing, etc. I mostly blog for myself as I enjoy it so much. It’s like having my own digital scrapbook that I know I’ll love looking back at in the future. When I get page views and positive comments indicating that my content is useful or interesting to somebody else, it’s a bonus!


My blog is still really small for now: 90 published posts, about 4,000 page views to date and less than 200  Wordpress followers. I don’t aspire to ever be in the “big leagues” but it is really enjoyable when my stats tell me my content is being read and liked by other people or when I get blogging awards and spotlights!

My Most Popular Posts

To celebrate this half-anniversary, I had a look at my stats to see the two most read posts in each of my 7 categories. Click on the link if you’ve missed one! :)


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Lifestyle & Blogging

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Movies & TV Shows

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Sunday Snaps

27th April 2014: Sunday Snap #11

The London Turtle Cat Sunday Snap

6th April 2014: Sunday Snap #8 

Daim Cupcake Oreo Cupcake

Proof that cats and food get you page views! :)


A huge thank you to all my followers on WordPress and my social media profiles! I hope I keep you interested over the next six months!