10 Tips for Picking The Perfect Wedding Dress!

Last week I ticked another major and very exciting item off my wedding to-do list: I picked and bought my wedding dress! Just like starting my wedding website and drafting my guest list, I wanted to get my search for the perfect wedding dress started as soon as possible. I finally found it last week, fell in love and bought it! It was such an important and enjoyable moment, especially as I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my three wonderful sisters. Here are a few tips I would give future brides based on my experience!

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Inspiration on Pinterest The London Turtle

1 – DO YOUR RESEARCH: Before you even begin booking appointments, start looking for inspiration. Pinterest wedding boards, bridal magazines, wedding blogs… there are so many sources available! Keep in mind the season and venue of your wedding (will you be walking on sand? Will it be cold?), as well as your body shape. Having an idea of the general look and shape of your dream dress will help your consultants pull out an initial range of dresses for you during appointments.


2 – BUT DON’T BE STUBBORN: That said, stay open-minded. While it’s essential to have an idea of your dream dress in mind, you may be entirely surprised by a dress that doesn’t look like “you” on the hanger. Trying on lots of shapes and styles will help you get a better idea of what works for you, and this may be entirely different to what you had pictured! So don’t hesitate to try on any dress your consultant pulls out. I know I ended up really liking dresses that were entirely different to the one I’d pictured in my head for years.


3 – PLAN AHEAD: Start doing your research and booking appointments early! Wedding boutiques will need at least four to six months to make and alter your dress. Factor in the time you’ll want to spend finding the perfect dress, and I’d recommend starting your search at least nine months before your wedding.


4 – BUT TAKE YOUR TIME: Don’t rush into it and book 100 different appointments at 100 different stores. Take it one appointment at a time, as you might be pleasantly surprised by the dresses you find in the first store. If you cram too many appointments in a day or in a week, you won’t even remember what you tried on. I found my dress at the very first store I went to!

Wedding Dress Tips

5 – BRING HELPERS: Bring two or three people with you: your best friend, your mom, your sisters, your mother-in-law, etc. They need to be people you care about of course, and who care about you, but who will also have an honest opinion. They’re there to make sure you look perfect!


6 – BUT SPEAK YOUR MIND: Don’t be afraid to speak your mind to your consultant and your helpers. They may all love one dress, but you can still pick a different one! Your day, your dress. Also, you are the only one who can know how comfortable a dress actually is.  You may look amazing in it, but if you can’t walk, how much fun are you going to have on your wedding day?


7 – DRESS THE PART: Try to wear shoes with heels the same height you’ll have on the day, as well as white underwear and a strapless bra. If you already have an idea of whether you’d prefer your hair up or down on the big day, wear your hair that way during appointments to see what it looks like with the different dresses.


8 – SET A LIMIT: Set yourself a definite budget before walking in there, and tell your consultant at the very start of your appointment. No use looking at dresses that are out of your budget! And don’t forget to factor in accessories, shoes, the veil, etc.


9 – BE PICKY: Examine every dress: the shape, the fit, the material, the color… Look at the small details: do you like the buttons? the lace? the sequins? You need to love everything about your wedding dress. And if the store allows it, take pictures for later!


10 – TAKE A BREATHER: Don’t rush your decision. If you think you’ve found “the one“, take a few days/weeks to think about it. However once you’ve chosen, stop thinking about it or you’ll torture yourself!