The Many Uses of Avène Eau Thermale

Avène’s Eau Thermale spray is a staple in any French beauty addict’s bathroom, mine included. Taken directly from the Avène thermal springs and immediately bottled to limit its contact with other substances, this spray is extremely pure. It has no limestone or other harmful ingredients which are found in tap water. It’s highly recommended for sensitive and issue-prone skin as it contains high amounts of silica which helps cells regenerate, magnesium which disinfects and aids scarring, and finally oligo elements which are essential to our well-being.

But it’s not just for sensitive skin! It has many everyday uses which help keep skin healthy, clean and beautiful. In fact Avène has a wide range of skin, body and beauty products derived from the thermal spring water. I’ve tried a few of them and they are really good, but the Eau Thermale Spray is the one beauty basic I always use, morning and night. Here is my review!

Eau Thermale Avène

How to Use Avène’s Eau Thermale Spray

Here are a few of the ways I highly recommend using this water spray:

– Instead of splashing tap water on your face in the morning, spray yourself with Eau Thermale, wait 30 seconds and dab the excess off with a cotton ball. No limestone, so it’s much less aggressive for your skin.

– Same principle: after a makeup-free day, wash your face with the Eau Thermale spray instead of tap water in the evening.

– Eau Thermale can help remove heavy makeup. Spray a cotton disc with Eau Thermale then put your usual makeup remover on top. Leave the two discs on your eyes for 5-10 seconds before wiping away your makeup. The mixture of the two substances will make the makeup remover a lot more effective, and you’ll have to wipe your face less, making the whole process less aggressive!

– I also use Eau Thermale as the last step to my makeup removal routine, to remove any last residue.

– Use Eau Thermale on sunburnt skin to relieve dryness and soothe irritation. Same goes for freshly waxed or shaved skin.

– You can keep a travel-sized Eau Thermale spray in your handbag to freshen up and keep your skin hydrated during long flights.

I use my Eau Thermale spray in all these ways on a regular basis, and I can truly see the positive effect it has on my skin. It doesn’t feel dry or tight and I never have any redness. It also feels extra clean and soft to the touch! This spray should be a staple in all beauty addicts’ bathrooms.