5 Things we Learned from New Girl S03E21

This week’s post-break up New Girl episode was sad but really touching. Nick and Jess started out acting immature as expected, but both really surprised me by the end of the episode, it was very sweet. And Winston had some very exciting news! There were some hilarious moments and, as always, valuable life lessons!

5 Things We Learned from New Girl: Big News

1. Break-up rules are complicated.

New Girl nick and jess break-upNew Girl Nick Jess break upNew Girl Nick Jess break up

2. The cutest thing about Winston is his yawn.

New girl Winston yawn Coach

3. Hand memos can be very useful.


New Girl NickNew Girl NickNew Girl Nick

4. Don’t call your mom after a break-up.

New Girl JessNew Girl JessNew Girl Jess

5. Ex’s know way too much about you and will reveal TMI when drunk.

New Girl Nick Jess

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