April Birchbox: My Review

I’d heard many amazing things about the April Birchbox on the French beauty blogosphere so I was really excited to get it! It was a wonderful surprise to discover it waiting for me when I got back from my weekend in Bath. The April box was much fuller than last month’s, and I loved the theme and (almost!) every single product. Here is my review!

April Birchbox: Back to Childhood!

April Birchbox Flat

The title of this month’s box was “Flagrant Délices“, a French play on words meaning “Flagrant Delights”, and the theme was childhood fragrances and tastes: licorice, macaroons, chocolate, candy apples… Yum!

– “Heirloom Pearls” Nail Lacquer by Color Club (7ml) ♥♥♥

April Birchbox Color Club Nail Polish

I’m usually not a fan of white nail polish, but this shade has a pretty pearly finish (inspired by macaroons!) to it which actually looks slightly pink or blue depending on the sunlight and angle. It’s a perfect color for Spring! It goes on really smoothly and only needs two coats to be opaque.

– “How ‘Bout Them Apples?” Cheek & Lip Cream by The Balm Cosmetics in Pie (20g) ♥♥♥

April Birchbox How Bout Them Apples Blush

I’m a huge fan of lip stain, but was always hesitant to use similar products on my cheeks – they always looked too red! But I’m loving this cheek & lip creme as a blush. It’s a very cute reddish pink color, perfect for spring, and easy to blend. The packaging is so cute! I’ll be keeping this in my handbag at all times for quick touch-ups.

– “Food Skin Care” Night Cream with Cocoa, Millet & Rice Bran by Befine (10ml) ♥♥

April Birchbox Befine Food Skin Care Night Cream

I love having crispy rice and chocolate in my deserts, but on my face? It would be a first for me! I have yet to use this single serve night cream, but the packaging makes it sound promising. The rice grains are meant to nourish and feed the skin protein and vitamins, and the caffeine in the cocoa improves circulation and cell regeneration. Quite excited to try this! The only con I could find is the very impractical pouch packaging, but Befine is certainly not the only brand to use that.

– Licorice Toothpaste by Marvis (25ml) ♥♥

April Birchbox Marvis Toothpaste

I really don’t like the taste of licorice, so I don’t know if I’ll be using this toothpaste… May just keep it for travel as it is the perfect size! Its packaging is really cute though and has a nice vintage-y look.

– Intense Body Scrub by Kueshi (50ml) ♥♥

April Birchbox Kueshi Body Scrub

I love body scrubs so was very excited to find this in my box! The packaging is quite bland but it smells really nice. I find the grains a bit too small to be really effective, but it’s always good to have a gentle scrub on hand in the shower, so quite happy with this product!

– Cacolac Can (15cl) ♥♥♥

April Birchbox Cacolac

This was the “surprise” element of the box, meant to satisfy any sweet tooth cravings with a familiar childhood taste! Created in 1952, this French cocoa-based drink was a staple in all childhood breakfasts :) I was really surprised and happy to see it in the box, I thought it was very original and would make all French subscribers smile.


I really enjoyed this month’s box – the theme was very original and fun, the products varied and all useful! Birchbox keeps getting better and better every month. This is definitely the best beauty box out there at the moment in my opinion. And only 13€ including postage!