20 Tips for Building a Great Wedding Website

So you’ve got your wedding date set in stone, your dream venue, your perfect guest list, and you’re just about ready to send out your invitations. But have you thought about creating a website for your wedding?

This may be exactly what you need if you’re having a destination wedding, or even a wedding in a place where only a minority of your guests live. This is the case for both my sister and me, and we are both building websites for our big days! They’re an easy way to communicate to your guests important information about flights, accommodation, scheduling, etc. without having to phone them again and again to make sure they’ve organised their trip. But wedding websites are also a great way for you to showcase some of your favorite couple photos and for guests to learn about your love story, and to get your wedding theme across ahead of the big day!

How to Build an Effective and Engaging Wedding Website

20 Tips for Building Your Wedding Website

First Things First

– Sit down and discuss with your fiancé how much information you want to put on there – he may be less willing to broadcast his personal life than you, an avid blog reader, may be. You should also discuss the cost: do you want a 100% free website (with a hostname tagged on to its URL) or do you want to purchase a domain? This will only cost you between 20 and 50€ for a few months!

 – Pick a name! It should be fun and memorable, and include your names and/or your wedding date. You can use free URL shorteners (like Bit.ly) to have a more manageable link for your wedding invitations.

– Pick a blogging platform. This will be the easiest and quickest way to build a website. Instead of publishing posts, you’ll just publish pages! I highly recommend WordPress, of course, which has lots of beautiful wedding themes and is very simple to set up and use.

– You’ll want your website to be finished and polished by the time your guests receive their invitations, so make sure you give yourself enough time to make it perfect!

Start Building!

– Pick a blog theme for your website, and personalise it with your wedding colours and your favorite fonts. You can even use WordPress widgets to add a fun countdown to your big day in the sidebar or at the top of the page!

– Include a navigation menu at the top of your website and/or in the sidebar with clear and comprehensive page titles.

– Your wedding date should be prominently placed!

20 Tips for Building Your Wedding Website 2

Pages You Should Have on There

WELCOME PAGE: A static front page with a sweet message welcoming and thanking guests for visiting your website, and a clear breakdown of where all the information is on the website (with links to the right pages!).

SCHEDULE: A full schedule of the day with clear timings, addresses and contact info for the venues. You can even make it easier for your guests by embedding Google Maps in your blog. Include pretty photos of the venues to get guests excited!

TRANSPORT & ACCOMMODATION: Collate, simplify and write down all the information your guests may need about transport: closest airport and train station, cheapest car rental service, etc. and accommodation: best hotels nearby, average prices, etc. Don’t forget to include links to all important websites (airlines, hotel bookings, etc.).

– GUEST CHATROOM: A page where guests can communicate with one another to organise carpooling, sharing hotel rooms, etc. On blogs, this is easily done via comments.

– RSVP: Remind your guests how to RSVP (an email or a phone number). You can also include an RSVP form right on your website.

Pages You Could Have on There

REGISTRY: Let your guests know where you’re registered, and include a wishlist of your favorite items on your website.

TOURISM: Tell your guests about a few tourist spots in the area that you recommend. They’ll appreciate the effort, and may even make a full week’s holiday of your wedding!

“GET TO KNOW US”: You could include a few photo galleries of your couple, your favorite holidays, etc., as well as your wedding party so people can get to know the groomsmen and bridesmaids. You can also include short stories: how you met, the proposal, etc.

GUEST BOOK: Let your guests write you a quick message on your website before your big day!

VENDORS: If you had a great experience with one or more vendors, you can choose to promote them on your website.

You’ve Built It, Now what?

– Write your website’s URL on your wedding invitations. Most of your guests will refer to that to organise their trip, saving you lots of time and phone calls.

– Keep updating it until the big day, in case your schedule slightly changes or you get more ideas for tourist spots!

– You can choose to keep it going after your wedding, to share photos of the wedding and your honeymoon!

20 Tips for Building Your Wedding Website 3

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