Style Envy: Jess, Zoe, Blair, Aria and Lady Mary

I watch way too many TV shows and adore way too many TV characters. I’d already made a post about which characters would make the best real-life girl friends and boyfriends, and now I’m turning my attention to an entirely different matter: style envy. These are in my opinion the five TV characters of all my favorite shows whose wardrobes I’d most like to steal!

A Serious Case of Style Envy for these TV Characters

New Girl’s Jessica Day

Jessica Day Wardrobe

Why? Bright colors, cute dresses and polka-dot prints!

Hart of Dixie’s Zoe Hart

Zoe Hart Wardrobe

Why? Cute prints, stunning heels and so many handbags!

Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf Gossip Girl Wardrobe

Why? Amazing dresses, lots of color, and hair accessories!

Pretty Little Liars’ Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery Pretty Little Liars Wardrobe

Why? Pretty jackets, bold combinations and unique prints!

Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary Crawley

Lady Mary Crawley Downto Abbey Wardrobe

Why? Amazing dresses, stunning jewelry, and long gloves!