The Best Bobby Pins in the World (and How to Use Them)

I’ve been an avid reader of Kate’s Small Things Blog for a long long time. She has amazing hairdo tutorials which look great and are easy to follow, and she recently had an adorable son named David who also features on the blog. I’m even using one of her tutorials to do my sister’s hair on her wedding day in May! Of course, Kate’s in my blogroll (she was the first name to go on there!).

Life-Changing Bobby Pins

One of the most important things I’ve learned from her blog is the importance of the products you use when styling your hair, namely bobby pins. She highly recommends the Diane brand on her blog. Now I have really thick hair which often doesn’t hold hair styles for a full day, and so I decided to try them out. I got them on Amazon: a 300-pack was about 7 euros including shipping! And I must say: THANK YOU Kate. They’ve changed my life! They truly hold your hair perfectly in place for a full day. They don’t fall out, they don’t slip, they don’t budge an inch.

Diane Bobby Pins

Diane Bobby Pins

On top of this amazing product recommendation, here are a few tips I learned from Kate and Cosmopolitan on using bobby pins the right way.

Bobby Pin Tips!

1. We’ve all been putting them in our hair the wrong way. They’re meant to go in wavy side toward your scalp, flat side up. They’ll hold your hair much better that way. Seriously!

2. Spray them with hairspray or dry shampoo before inserting them, they’ll hold your hair longer.

3. Also, always insert them upwards.

4. They can also be used for various other things, like nail art and applying glue to false eyelashes!

Diane Bobby Pins