My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps

As a freelance Community Manager, I am hardly ever without my iPhone. But even beyond my current job, I am constantly using a large number of apps to keep in touch with family and friends, to get social media updates, to take and share photos, to write down quick memos, to navigate my way around unfamiliar territory, to pass the time with games… So many things that I would now have trouble living without! My iPhone is full of wonderful apps that I highly recommend.

My favorite iPhone Apps

My Favorite iPhone Apps

Photography Apps

Snapseed App Logo - My favorite iPhone Apps


This a wonderfully easy to use photo editing app. You can adjust brightness, contrast, ambiance, etc. by swiping left or right to decrease or increase effects. It also has a wide selection of filters and frames to apply. Makes any photo look amazing!

Rhonna App - My favorite iPhone apps


This is a digital scrapbooking app which I use to add text and icons to my photos, mostly before uploading them to Instagram or sending them to friends. This app has really cute designs and a wide variety of fonts to choose from.

Entertainment Apps

Ted app - My Favorite iPhone Apps


This app is full of educational and inspirational videos featuring some of the best public speakers in the world. Most videos are about a very specific subject and last 10-15 minutes, during which you actually learn quite a lot. I really like the “Surprise Me” function!

Stumbleupon app - my Favorite iPhone Apps


I spend way too much time on StumbleUpon. This app gathers web pages from all over the world which may interest you. You can like the page or swipe to the next one, and the app remembers your behavior to narrow down its search over time. I’ve found some wonderful blogs thanks to this app!

Social Networking Apps

Repost app - my Favorite iPhone Apps


This app is complementary to Instagram. Although Instagram lets you comment and like photos, it doesn’t have a pretty important function: reposting. This app allows you to repost images from your favorite Instagramers and credit them of course in the description.

Snapchat app - My Favorite iPhone apps


This year all my friends are spread around the world (Shanghai, Beijing, London, Cardiff, Buenos Aires, etc) and Snapchat is one of the many ways we keep in touch. Sending quick snaps of what you’re doing, the movie you’re watching or the yummy snack you’re having on the spot makes you feel closer.

Navigation Apps

Waze app - My Favorite iPhone Apps


If you have a car and live in a fairly populated area, you must get Waze. It’s a community-based traffic and navigation app: using the data it collects from all other Waze users around you, it gives you the quickest and most hassle-free route to get anywhere! You can also give back by reporting accidents and other obstacles to the app to help other users.

citymapper app - My Favorite iPhone Apps


This is an essential app for Londoners (and Parisians, New Yorkers and Berliners). It helps you find the best route by foot, car, bike or public transport to get anywhere in the city, and even calculates how many calories you’ll use / how much money it’ll cost you. It has up-to-date public transport info, and you can also save your home address and important places for quicker use.

Productivity Apps

dropbox app - My Favorite iPhone Apps


I have Dropbox on my computer, iPad and iPhone, which allows me to access, edit and save all my important documents from anywhere in the world. Its recovery function has been a lifesaver on multiple occasions!

Evernote App - My Favorite iPhone Apps


Just like Dropbox, I use this app on all my supports. Evernote lets you record anything anytime: a quick idea, a photo, a reminder, a to-do-list, anything! It syncs automatically, and everything you’ve saved is then organised into notebooks by time and place, and accessible from anywhere in the world. I use it to plan blog posts, store recipes I want to try, ideas I want to remember, so many things!


I have lots more apps on my phone (like the classics: Messenger, Whatsapp, Vevo, etc.) but there are the ones I’d most highly recommend getting if you don’t already have them!