My Skin Color is Pantone 2Y07!

Yesterday I went to Sephora to try out their new Color IQ service. The concept is really simple but pretty revolutionary! Instead of holding up a million foundation swatches to your skin, a saleswoman uses a mini scanner to identify your Color IQ number using Pantone codes. Turns out, my number is Pantone 2Y07. The machine then brings up a list of all BB cremes and foundations which match your skin tone exactly. I had 25 matches: 6 BB cremes and 19 foundations. I was looking for BB creme, and when I saw Smashbox on the list, I decided to get that one!

Smashbox “Camera Ready” BB Cream Review

Smashbox Camera Ready BB creme

Overall grade:♥♥

The main pro of this BB creme is obviously that it matches my skin perfectly (my Color IQ list had “Light” down as the right shade for me). It also has quite a high SPF of 35 compared to most BB cremes which I really like (SPF is one of my beauty habits!). However I was a bit disappointed by its consistency. It comes out of the tube really thick, almost like suncream, and is pretty hard to apply evenly. Once it’s on, I also feel like it doesn’t do a very good job at mattifying, which is what I’m mainly looking for in a BB creme. I think I’ll have a second look at my Color IQ list for another product!

Smashbox “Photo Finish Color Correcting Adjust” Primer Review

Smashbox Color Correcting Primer

Overall grade: ♥♥♥

Yesterday I was also on a mission to get primer for my sister’s makeup on her wedding day in May. I’d already decided to get one of Smashbox’s primers because I’d heard such good things about them. All Smashbox products are specifically designed for models, i.e. to last and look good in photos, which is exactly what a bride needs on her wedding day! The brand has ten different primers which focus on various skin problems, from dryness to aging. I decided to go with the Color Correcting Adjust primer which has a green tint, meant to balance out any redness.  I figure, during her wedding, my sister is likely to cry, be emotional and blush significantly more than on a normal day… so green primer was the way to go.

As the responsible make-up artist that I am for this occasion, I tried it out on myself first. I was a bit worried because the product looked really green when it first comes out of the bottle. However, I spread it on really easily and it blended in with my skin flawlessly, subtlety correcting any redness and dark zones like under-eye circles. I then applied my usual YSL foundation on top of it. My skin felt super smooth and my foundation truly lasted all day, whereas it usually wears off in patches (not a good look). As a bonus, the Smashbox primers are quite natural compared to most primers. This one contains lemongrass, aloe, vitamins A and E, soybean oil and orchid extracts. It has officially joined my makeup kit for my sister’s big day!

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Creme and Primer