Lettr: A New Travel Essential (+Giveaway!)

I’ve always loved sending and getting letters and postcards. Snail mail just has a certain emotional and lasting quality to it that Facebook inboxes and e-mails never will. Knowing that the person on the other side of the letter has taken the time to find a pretty card, to sit down and write out the words and to find and address an envelope means so much. But sometimes when you’re away on holiday you just don’t have time to write a bunch of postcards, or sometimes can’t even locate a post office!

Lettr: The Postcard of the 21st Century

Lettr Postcard ServiceThis is where Lettr comes in. Lettr.co is a new online service which makes it super easy to send personalised postcards to friends and family from anywhere in the world. No need for paper, pens, stamps or address books. It just takes these four simple steps:

1 – Get your smartphone, computer or tablet out and go to http://www.lettr.co/postcards to upload the picture you want to send on the back of your postcard. It’ll even even your current location written on it!

2 – Write your message. You can also add your own signature with your fingers or computer mouse.

3 – Enter your friends’ email addresses or log in to Facebook and select them from your friends list. The Lettr team will then send them a message, asking them which address they’d like their postcard delivered to.

4 – Pay the $2.49 fee with a debit or credit card or even PayPal and voila! Your friends will get their postcard within a few days (probably before you’re even back from holiday).

I’m already a big fan of this new website! It’s very easy to use, and I love that you get to send your own picture as a postcard. Lettr combines the traditional and sentimental values of a signed paper postcard with the speed and ease of the Internet! No need to find a postcard, buy stamps, remember addresses, try to figure out how much it will cost you to send, etc. Last time I was in Argentina, the postcards I had sent to my family arrived two months after I did!

So no more excuses not to send lovely postcards when you’re on holiday. Especially as I’m giving the first ten people to click on the link below a free Lettr postcard!

Click here for your free postcard (if you’re one of the first ten people!)

I’d love to hear what you used your postcard for, so if you’re one of the lucky ten, you can leave me a comment below!

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Lettr Postcard Service

This post is sponsored by the awesome people at Lettr.