5 Things we Learned from New Girl S03E20

I waited a few days before posting this to not give out any spoilers, but Tuesday’s New Girl episode made me really sad and I still keep hoping the breakup was just a joke. Sadly, I don’t think that’s the case. The whole Tumblr fan community was depressed for many hours. However, up until the 18th minute, there were some hilarious moments and, as always, valuable life lessons!

5 Things We Learned from New Girl: Mars Landing

1. True American is officially the best drinking game ever! The rules are super complicated, but it looks like so much fun whenever they play it.

New Girl True American

2. It is also the most lethal.

New Girl True American hangover

True American New Girl Hangover


3. Avoid all relationship talk when you’re hungover!


New Girl Jess Day

New Girl Jess DayNew Girl Jess Day

New Girl Jess Day


4. Don’t build children’s toys hungover.


New Girl Jess Day and Nick Mars Landing“Take the thing that looks like a meth lab and put it in the thing that looks like a pipe bong”


5. Never text drunk! And, if you do, know your friends will be useless when you ask them for help the next day.

New Girl Schmidt

New Girl Schmidt

All photos from Tumblr