6 Simple Beauty Habits that Really Make a Difference

Over years of reading beauty and health blogs, trying out different products and routines and getting to know my hair, skin and body characteristics, I’ve developed a few beauty habits that I keep every day / every week. They’re simple, quick and effective tasks that require little effort but really deliver results in my opinion!

Easy and Effective Nutrition Habits

Easy and Effective Nutrition Habits

1. The first thing I do every morning is drink a tall glass of iced water. If I have a lemon handy, I add in a few drops of lemon juice. This beauty habit hydrates your body after a long night, fires up your metabolism, and helps flush out toxins faster. It’s especially important to drink water before getting in a long hot shower which could ironically dehydrate your lungs! On top of that, the lemon drops boost your immune system thanks to the vitamin C and can even help clear skin.


2. I avoid eating snacks in between meals. If I do get hungry, I firstly drink a cup of tea, and if that doesn’t do it, I try to snack on fruit. We’ve all heard these health habits a million times, but they do make a difference in my opinion. As soon as we start snacking, we tend to eat a lot more than our body actually needs!

Easy and Effective Hair Habits

Easy and Effective Hair Habits

1. My hair needs as much hydration as it can get. At least once a week, I indulge in my little haircare routine, which consists of: applying hair serum to 2/3 of my hair (starting at the tips) and letting it set for an hour, then washing my hair with soft shampoo. I then apply a mask to wet hair and put it up to let that absorb for 30 minutes, and finally rinse with ice cold water. Every time I do this, my hair is silky soft! I also apply hair serum just before going to bed every other night. Products: Shea butter and honey conditioner by Le Petit Marseillais // “Huile Extraordinaire” hair serum by l’Oréal 


2. I get my hair cut at least once every six months. Getting rid of split ends and damaged hair regularly helps hair look and feel healthier!

Easy and Effective Skin Habits

Easy and Effective Skin Habits

1. I’ve heard a few times that women should start applying SPF every day (even in winter) on their face and hands at the age of 25. Well I started at 21! I now always look for moisturizer and/or BB creme that has a built-in SPF so I don’t add an extra step to my skincare routine but am still protected form nasty UV rays. Product: “Hydratant Fraîcheur” daily face cream by Nivea


2. Long hot showers seriously dehydrate my skin, so after every shower I apply body butter right when I get out. Applying cream or butter to slightly damp skin means it’ll get absorbed slower but better! Product: Super Supreme body butter by Sephora