Caudalie Divine Range: My Review

Although I do miss the UK and am very much looking forward to shopping all my favorite brands at Boots again, there is an upside for a beauty addict like me to living in France: its pharmacies. If you’ve ever been to France, you’ll have noticed there are a lot of pharmacies, basically one on every street. You can’t miss them, they’ve got big flashing neon green signs next to their entrances. Happily, and this is the important part, they’re all stocked with amazing high-end beauty brands, that you cannot find in supermarkets or make-up chains. In my opinion, the star of these brands is Caudalie.

Caudalie Divine Oil and Body Scrub

Created in 1993 by a French woman named Mathilde and her husband, Caudalie creates amazing products for women’s hair, body and face. They use mainly natural ingredients, and of course, absolutely no animal testing. The brand has got several cult products adored by all French women. One of these is Huile Divine, which I’d been wanting to try for months and finally got around to buying! In the Divine range there is also a tinted body lotion, a candle and a scrub. Being addicted to scrubs, I also got the Gommage Divin.

Caudalie Huile Divine Gommage Divin

Caudalie Gommage Divin – Body Scrub

I tried out the Gommage Divin on dry skin before a shower. First thoughts were, it smells amazing! The texture is smooth but the scrubbing grains are quite big which I like. It goes on your skin like a charm, and the scent and the texture actually reminded me a little of butter and sugar (in a nice, non-cookie dough way). I left it on for a few minutes then got in the shower. It rinses away very easily, and leaves skin feeling smooth but not oily in any way.

Overall rating: ♥♥♥

Caudalie Gommage Divin

Caudalie Huile Divine – Body, Hair and Face Oil

That evening I then tried out the Huile Divine. It actually comes in a spray format which surprised me at first but is actually quite smart. You don’t want to to waste this precious oil! 2-3 sprays are all you need for a body part (thigh, calf, arm, etc). Just like the scrub, it smells wonderful, and goes on really nicely. Not too sticky, although you may want to put off getting dressed for a few minutes afterwards. You can also use it on your face and hair, although I already have a nighttime face serum and hair elixir, so won’t be trying it out that way just yet.

Overall rating: ♥♥♥

Caudali Huile Divine

The next morning, my skin was baby smooth :) I will probably be repeating this simple and enjoyable ritual once or twice a week.