Yoncé All on this Mouth like Liquor

This weekend I ticked a very important item off my bucket list: seeing Beyoncé live. My best friend and I got tickets to see Queen B at the O2 Arena on Saturday 1 March. I had such high expectations for the night, and they were not only met, but exceeded. By a long shot.

Beyoncé Concert O2 Arena London

Yoncé All on this Mouth like Liquor

Mrs. Carter, Yoncé, Queen B, Leader of the Beyhive, whatever you want to call her (my personal favorite is Yoncé, which is also my favorite song off her new album) was phenomenal. She has a killer voice live, and spent the night rearranging her melodies and mastering all kinds of vocal acrobatics. Love on Top was the most impressive, she just kept going higher higher until the audience just couldn’t keep up. She was also incredibly sweet, thanking us repeatedly for coming to see her, waiting in the queues, making signs, etc. Her main performances were of course songs off the (incredibly amazing) Beyoncé album, but she did revisit classics like Crazy in Love, Baby Boy and Naughty Girl, often mixing them in with newer hits, to everyone’s delight.

All her songs were accompanied by genius choreography (mainly hairography) executed by flawless superhuman dancers. There was a really interesting mix of iconic Beyoncé moves (All the single ladies!) and new exclusive choreography. Boyfriends who had been dragged there were also catered for, as Beyoncé recreated her steamy Partition video on stage.

A highlight of the night was definitely Jay Z or should I say Mr. Carter’s appearance on stage during his Drunk in Love rap. Needless to say the audience went insane when we walked on. The couple were very cute, dancing together and joking around on stage. After a sweet peck on the cheek, he left her to get on with her show.

Beyoncé Concert t-shirt

It really was an amazing night, and I couldn’t help myself, I got a Beyoncé t-shirt. I also got a sore throat and achy feet from screaming, singing and dancing all night, but that was half the fun!