Finally, all my Shows Started up Again !

While I do like that most shows take a bit of a Winter break, letting us addicted viewers really focus on our family and holiday celebrations for a few weeks, I am always excited when my shows start back up in January ! Over the course of twelve days, seven of my favorite shows are releasing brand new episodes. Happy times !

January releases – My quick reviews !

Modern Family S05E11 : Mitch and Cam’s wedding planning is progressing, which is very exciting. The venue they found is super pretty, and them having to fight over it with two teenage girls was hilarious. Alex’s driving was in my opinion the funniest part of the episode, but Luke growing up so fast is really sad ! We all remember the good old days when he used to cheer on his dad while he walked a tightrope across the yard. And Joe is just the cutest thing ever.

Best line : Gloria “What do you like better, the accent or the balloons?” Jay “I’ve been asking myself that since I met you”.

Modern Family Cam

The Big Bang Theory S07E13 : I’m so so happy Leonard and Penny made up, although he really needs to start paying attention to what comes out of his mouth. Meanwhile, Bernadette is getting funnier and funnier !

Best line : Penny to Sheldon “I really should start cracking the window when I leave you alone in the car”

The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Raj Leonard and Howard

Parks and Rec S06E10 : Some funny bits, like Andy not getting over his jetlag and Ann being so hilariously unsatiably hungry for the whole episode. But it was mainly about setting up the rest of, sadly, the final season – Leslie aspiring to bigger and better things, Ann and Chris having their baby, and Tom making up a new job for himself.

Parks and Rec April and Ron

The Crazy Ones S01E12 : SMG got to act all Buffy-like (albeit in a video game) for an episode, and I loved it.

The Crazy Ones Lauren Sydney

How I Met Your Mother S09E14 : Wow, felt so good to get away from the Farhampton Inn for an episode ! I thought Cobie, Alyson and Josh were really good in their alternate roles, the whole concept of the episode was pretty funny. Definitely an improvement compared to other recent episodes in my opinion !

How I Met Your Mother Robin

Hart of Dixie S03E09 : Joel and Lenley need to leave now. Zoe & Wade and George & Tansey are the real deal in Bluebell ! Also, AB is still definitely my favorite character, she was hilarious in this episode (especially as Zoe’s gone a bit crazy and annoying!).

Best line : Zoe to AB “You’re in the setting people up on dates business, right?” AB ” Not for money, that’s illegal”

Hart of Dixie Zoe and Wade