Lea Michele on the X Factor

Lea Michele released the first single off her upcoming album a while ago. It’s called “Cannonball” and I think it’s really really good. She could have decided to start her career as a recording artist right away when she first started on Glee, as she was instantly pretty famous, but she chose to wait until she was actually inspired, and could write and compose good music. And the result is amazing in my opinion. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album! This weekend she performed her new hit single on the X Factor USA. Check out her performance below!

Lea Michele Sings “Cannonball” at the X Factor Finale

Her singing talent is undeniable, she blows her audience away at every performance. And during the X Factor finale, she was also really cute, adding in quick smiles whenever there was a break in the song, and saying “Thank you!” as soon as it was over. I’d say her singing career is definitely off to a good start.

Lea Michele Cannonball X Factor

I’ll also take this opportunity to comment on her very recent interview on Ellen, during which she opened up about Cory, and hiding away at Kate Hudson’s house after the tragedy. The interview actually made me shed a tear when I first saw it, she just seems so strong and empowered, yet still fragile of course. I think she’s a very good role model, she’s handled the awful and very public situation so well, and she just seems really friendly and caring. A huge thumbs up all around from me!