7 Fun and Cheap Things to do in Berlin !

Berlin is one of the coolest capitals in Europe, with tons of fun clubs, good restaurants and illicit places to discover. And it’s still relatively cheap! For example you can get a really nice pizza there for under 8 euros, and a yummy kebab only costs 4 euros. Transport is pretty expensive but then again, no ticket barriers, so… Also, it’s very nice in the summer, really warm and sunny, though it can get unbelievably cold in winter. If you’re planning a trip there, here’s my list of the top seven things to do in Berlin, all relatively cheap or even free!

Berlin City Guide : 7 fun and cheap things to do in Berlin

1. Visit the Reichstag dome

You have to book in advance, but it’s free ! Walking around the Reichstag dome allows you to get a stunning 360° view of the entire city. You can also get an audio-guide, which points out all the major sights. It’s a perfect, quick, free way to get a really nice view of all of Berlin.

Berlin City Guide: Reichstag Dome

2. Eat a delicious burger

Berlin is the capital of kebabs, but also burgers ! There are just so many yummy burger places. I’ve tried out The Bird and the Burgeramt, but there’s loads more ! Ruben & Carla and Burgermeister are two I still need to taste ! And, these delicious burgers are much cheaper than they would be in say Paris or London. Usually less than 10 euros for a massive burger and fries !

Berlin City Guide: BurgeramtPhoto : Burgeramt on Facebook

3. Fly a kite at Tempelhof

Tempelhof is a deserted airport in the middle of the city. Only in Berlin would they simply leave a former airport open for anyone to stroll around ! On sunny days, the runways are full of people taking advantage of the open space and the wind to fly kites. You can even rent them there, I highly recommend it, it’s such a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon. And it’s pretty eery being on an abandoned runway!

Berlin City Guide: Tempelhof Airport

Berlin City Guide: Tempelhof Airport

4. Walk around Treptower Park

Treptower Park is an amazing place to spend a sunny afternoon. It’s a huge park on the East border of Berlin, easily accessible thanks to its own station on the Ringbahn. There’s a big lake with its own little island right in the middle, where you can rent pedalos. And on the other side of the park is a very impressive, gigantic, Soviet memorial. Stroll around and admire the perfect symmetry, the immense statues and the neatly kept greenery!

Berlin City Guide: Treptower Park

Berlin City Guide: Treptower Park

5. Climb up Teufelsberg

I believe Teufelsberg is an abandoned CIA spy tower, on the outskirts of Berlin, right on top of a hill. Nowadays, it’s a popular hang-out for kids who, although it is meant to be entirely fenced, still manage to get in. Like Tempelhof, it’s definitely a must-see. Where else can you visit abandoned top-secret sites ? Although this one is trickier: you need to walk all the way around until you find a hole in the fence, and climb in unseen… If not, you’ll need to pay a 6 euro entrance fee, and be forced on a tour led by some questionable people…

Berlin City Guide: Teufelsberg

Berlin City Guide: Teufelsberg

6. Go swimming in a lake

Berlin is home to about 20ish lakes! In the summer, they’re packed with locals and tourists looking to freshen up. My two favorites are Weissensee, which is small, pretty calm, and completely free, and its opposite, Wannsee, which is always super packed and has an entrance fee, but where you can get food and drinks, as well as rent long chairs.

Berlin City Guide: Weissensee

7. Walk around the KaDeWe

The KaDeWe is Berlin’s version of Harrods, and it’s just as nice to walk around its many floors, and eye all the beautiful kitchenware, electronics and clothes you’d love to be able to afford ! It’s particularly nice during Christmas time of course with all the beautiful decorations. As long as you resist the temptation to buy anything extravagant, it’s such a nice place to walk around and have a nice cup of tea and a pastry.

Berlin City Guide: KaDeWe

Berlin City Guide: Kadewe