My top 5 Favorite Things about Catching Fire

So, my first comment about the Catching Fire movie is: this movie is amazing. This movie is proof that you cannot go wrong when you simply follow the book. Follow the book, and all the fans will be happy and love the book’s author and the movie’s director forever. I certainly do.
So, go see it. Now. If you still need convincing, here’s my top five reasons why I loved the movie (not the book, the movie specifically!):

5 Reasons Catching Fire is an Amazing Movie

1. Effie has real, human feelings, and you can tell. So does Katniss.

The situation is so terrible and cruel that even Effie feels sympathy for Katniss and Peeta. She would never admit out loud that she’s against something the Capitol is doing of course, but her facial expressions and tone of voice say it all. She’s grown attached to the two of them, and does not want to see them die. The golden good luck charms she gives all of them (even Haymitch!) are very sweet, and she refers to the four of them as “a team” throughout the whole movie. And, of course the golden charms end up saving Katniss and Peeta’s life, by identifying Finnick as an ally, and reminding Katniss she has something to live for ! And Jennifer Lawrence does an even better job at acting in this movie than she did in the first one, and expresses a lot more emotion. Bravery, determination and strength, fear, worry and hopelessness, friendship and love, she can do it all.

Catching Fire Effie

2. Mags, Johanna and Finnick are amazing.

In the second installment, it’s not all about Katniss in the arena. The secondary characters are so interesting and endearing in their own unique way. And I loved the casting choices for my three favorite secondary characters, Finnick, Mags and Johanna. Sam has the perfect face to play Finnick: handsome yet young and innocent-looking. Lynn is so sweet in this movie, always smiling at Katniss and Finnick in the cutest dimple-y way. Her sudden death, though expected if you’ve read the book, is heart-wrenching. And who doesn’t love Jena. She’s both hilarious and intriguing as Johanna.

Catching Fire Johanna

3. Katniss’ wedding dress is breathtaking.

The bridal gown Cinna makes for Katniss (which eventually does cost him his life unfortunately) is so amazingly beautiful. It’s even more gorgeous in the movie than what I’d pictured in my head, which never happens. And her transformation into a mockingjay is beautifully done in the movie!
Catching Fire Katniss Wedding Mockingjay Dress

4. It’s much scarier than the first movie.

This arena is so much more interesting and versatile than the first book’s, which was basically just a giant forest. The twelve wedges of the clock are all more terrifying than the last. I remember being very scared for the characters when reading the book, and the film did very well to recreate the scary elements: the monkeys, the jabberjays, the lightning, the poisonous fog. A lot of heart-pumping scenes!
Catching Fire Jabberjays

5. Jennifer Lawrence’s face in the elevator scene.

99% Jennifer, 1% Katniss, 100% hilarious. Possibly my favorite scene of the movie.

Catching Fire Katniss Elevator Scene