Leighton and Adam are Engaged!

This just in, it seems Seth Cohen has proposed to Blair Waldorf! Eeerr I mean Adam Brody proposed to Leighton Meester! This makes me so so happy. I’m guessing this makes any 90’s girl happy! I watched the OC and Gossip Girl religiously, and Seth and Blair are my two favorite characters on their respective shows. I can’t help imagining the characters together in my head. And it would work! Blair would definitely fall for Seth’s dorky and outcast-y personality, as her brief stint with Dan showed, and Seth loves slightly spoiled but actually clever and sweet daddy’s girls, as proven by his endless love for Summer! So yeah in my head, when they get married, it’ll be Seth and Blair, and I’m perfectly happy in this fantasy TV world. So, who’ll be the maid of honor? Marissa is out of the question sssooo Serena?

Blair and Seth are Getting Married

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody engaged

Also, as a side note, Leighton’s current ad campaign for French brand Naf Naf is just too pretty :

Leighton Naf Naf