5 Things to do During a Weekend in London

Last weekend, the fiancé and I went to London for our anniversary weekend. We both love this city, and were so excited to go back to all our favorite places. We only had two days, so I had prepared a pretty tight schedule for us, full of long walks, reminiscing, and yummy food of course! Thanks to my dedication and his patience for my slight OCD when it comes to planning, we got it all done! All in all, it was a beautiful weekend.

If you have a weekend in London coming up, here are my top five London activities:

5 tips for a weekend in London !

Walking around Regent’s Park

London City Guide: Regent's ParkTwo years ago I lived right next to Regent’s Park, and so I spent a lot of lazy afternoons there walking around. I’ve grown to love this park, more so than its Southern counterpart Hyde Park. It’s a lot calmer and prettier I feel. I love walking around the Boating Lake, and reading on one of its cute benches for hours.  I’d also highly recommend a boat trip on Regent’s Canal, which will take you all the way to Little Venice. They’re not expensive, usually include a very good guide, and will allow you to discover northeast London like you’ve never seen it before.

Walking my Two Favorite Touristy Circuits

London City Guide: Tower Bridge

London City Guide: Millenium BridgeThere are two pretty touristy circuits I love to walk every time I’m back in London. The first one is very touristy and covers all the major sights. I usually do this one when I haven’t been to London for a long time. The second one is slightly less touristy, and involves a bridge, which is always very exciting.

1st itinerary: Start at Westminster and admire Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Walk up Whitehall, stare at its magnificent buildings and before long you’ll be at Trafalgar Square. Walk to Pall Mall and continue up Regent’s Street, all the way to Piccadilly Circus. Then walk East and you’ll find Leicester Square followed by Covent Garden!

2nd itinerary: Start at Saint Paul’s Cathedral (which by the way has a very amusing Whispering Gallery in its dome I highly recommend!), then walk to the Thames and cross it thanks to the very unique Millenium Bridge. On the other side you’ll find youself face to face with the Tate Modern. Turn left, and walk along the South Bank, stopping to eat at one of the many delicious looking food stands, and to admire the many street artists! Continue all the way to Tower Bridge and just stare at (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe.

Eating a Delicious English Breakfast

London City Guide: Riding House Café

Since discovering them four years ago, I love English breakfasts. There’s nothing I like better on a lazy Sunday morning than a slice of toast, baked beans, scrambled eggs and tomatoes (hold the black pudding please). Most of London’s restaurants and cafés serve delicious breakfasts. I already knew about the Breakfast Club, but this weekend the fiancé took me to the Riding House Café near Oxford Circus. Delish !

Admiring the Beautiful Houses of Notting Hill

London City Guide: Notting Hill Houses

London City Guide: Notting Hill HousesNotting Hill is a bit far away from central London, but all it takes is a quick ride on the Central line to Ladbroke Grove, and you’re there. We went there this weekend, on a beautifully sunny Sunday morning to admire the rows and rows of colourful houses. Maybe one day we’ll live there! … Maybe. And for the thrifters amongst you, Notting Hill is just around the corner from Portobello Market, full of hidden treasures !

Climbing the Monument

London City Guide: Monument

London City Guide: View From the Monument

The Monument to the Great Fire of London is a tall stone colum right near the Thames, which commemorates the 1666 Great Fire of London. Near the column is a plaque telling the very interesting but sad story of the fire. But the reason I’m recommending it is, you can climb the Monument! Once you get to the top, you get one of the best views of London. Right from the center, near the river, you can see everything up close! It’s a gorgeous view, well worth the £8 entry fee and the gazillion stairs to climb.


There are of course a thousand more things to see and do in London. I’ll be posting a LOT more about London in the future, this is merely a sneak peek!