MKA Releasing Two New Fragrances

When I was younger, I was a huge huge huge Mary-Kate and Ashley fan. As in, owned their entire DVD collection, plastered my walls with posters of them, read their books, etc. “Holiday in the Sun” was my favorite movie until I was 11. Since then I’ve outgrown this little obsession, but I still greatly admire their fashion sense. I love their Elizabeth & James line (though I have yet to be able to justify to myself or my wallet spending 300 euros on a skirt). The twins are so beautiful, fashionable and really know their stuff. No one can deny they’ve built a super successful business around their image.

Mary-Kate and Ashley

Two new MKA fragrances? Yes please!

Their latest venture will be two brand new perfumes, “Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black” and “Elizabeth and James Nirvana White”. The two smells are said to be completely different: Black is more deep and woodsy while White is more floral. Perhaps representing the two twins’ different personalities? Wouldn’t be the first time they play that card, it seems to work pretty well for them ! The fragrances are going to be released in January 2014, exclusively at Sephora stores. Another reason to love Sephora! I will definitely be checking these new perfumes out… and possibly buying one. After all I am still a MKA fan at heart.

MKA perfumes Nirvana

Source: Teen Vogue