Downton Abbey S04E07

Downton Abbey season 4 episode 7 – the ups, the downs and the best Maggie Smith moment

What I loved : Mary being really sweet to Anna and begging to let her help, the Dowager Countess still being bitchy to Isobel even when she was half conscious, Mrs. Hughes giving Mr. Rapey a piece of her mind, Mary getting all muddy (I love discovering new sides to her personality).

What I didn’t love : the Dowager Countess falling ill (she MUST not die), Mr. Rapey coming back – hasn’t Anna been through enough?, Bates’ death glare at the end… yep he’s going back to prison.

Best Maggie moment : replying to Isobel’s offer to help her home : “That is the very last thing I would want”

Downton Abbey Mrs Hughes

Downton Abbey Violet Crawley