TV Show Characters I Want in my Life

You know how sometimes there are these TV characters that you just love? They’ve grown on you so much you feel like you know them personally, like they’re your best friend, or even your boyfriend? Well here are in my opinion the top three best friends and boyfriends from my favorite shows.

The Top 3 TV Best Friends:

Annabeth from Hart of Dixie

First off, she’s gorgeous, although not a prerequisite obviously, but she’s got a beautiful doll-like face and flawless red hair. She’s an extremely loyal friend to Lemon, has seen her through the ups and downs, and even quit the Belles for her. She’s also really friendly to Zoe, even when most of the town hates her.  Annabeth is funny, always upbeat and very sweet. And who doesn’t love that Southern drawl!

Hart of Dixie Annabeth

Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec

The most loyal friend you could possibly have. Leslie would do anything for her friends, knows them inside out, is always willing to help, and always knows exactly what they need. Case in point she always gets them the most perfect birthday gifts, like the door remote control for Ron! And let’s face it, who else would get you a gift on the anniversary of the day you first got drunk together?

Parks and Rec Leslie

Laurie from Cougar Town

Laurie is absolutely hilarious, she’s one of the funniest characters on the show. She’s not afraid to be herself, has got amazing clothes, and is a very good friend to Jules. She’s also slightly crazy, which would make hanging out with her that much more fun!

Cougar Town Laurie

The Top 3  TV Boyfriends:

Marshall from How I Met Your Mother

He is in my eyes the best friend, boyfriend, husband and father in the world. Lily means the world to him, and he’d clearly do anything to make his Lilypad happy. He’s also really passionate about his job, and deeply cares for his friends. He’s a family man, who is respectful to his mom. And now we know he makes such cute babies (Marvin is insanely adorable!!!).

Marshall How I Met Your Mother

Aidan from Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw is one of the stupidest people on Earth, and the most idiotic thing she ever did was throwing away Aidan. Twice. Do they get more perfect than him? Smart, sweet, affectionate, good kisser, nice to your friends, handsome, has a dog, good around the house, patient and clearly incredibly forgiving! But nnooo Carrie you’re right, let’s dump him and go for an egotistical 45 year-old child instead.

Aidan Sex and the City

Wash from Firefly

Although all the Firefly characters were unbelievably good, Wash was always my favorite. He’s hilarious and very clever. I mean, he can pilot a spaceship! And he’s gotten the crew out of a lot of extremely sticky situations (Reapers, anyone?) thanks to his skills. He’s an amazing husband to Zoe, so loving and yet knows when to give this very strong woman her space. And yes I know technically he’s dead, but also technically, none of these guys are real anyway!

Firefly Wash