Downton Abbey S04E06

Downton Abbey season 4 episode 6 – the ups, the downs and the best Maggie Smith moment

What I loved : Mary being amazingly bitchy to Mr. Blake, Mary reminiscing about Matthew’s proposal, and the reappearance of Rose’s very sweet and handsome band singer (especially their not-so-secret makeout session, she brings much needed excitement to upstairs Downton).

What I didn’t love : the whole gardener-stealing-the-knife story (who cares?) , Tom seriously considering moving away, and Edith’s man disappearing – when will she get married off and go away for ever ?

Best Maggie moments : about Isobel “It’s not a matter of what she likes, it is her fuel. Some people run on greed, lust, even love. She runs on indignation” and to Isobel “I wonder you don’t just set fire to the Abbey and dance around it!”. Somehow this season all her meanest quotes are about Isobel!


Downton Abbey Mr Carson