Finally Started Watching “The Crazy Ones” !

As a huge huge huge Sarah Michelle Gellar fan, I had meant to try out her new show “The Crazy Ones” for a while now but hadn’t gotten around to it. Well, this weekend, I finally watched the first episode. And I fell in love. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s a quick recap.

Storyline : A man and his daughter run a successful ad agency, Roberts & Roberts. In this episode, they’re trying to keep their biggest account, McDonald’s, by getting a celeb to sing their new jingle. I didn’t think I’d like seeing Sarah in a real setting (as opposed to staking vampires), but the office and the team are quirky enough to make it really interesting.

Characters and Actors : Simon, the father, is a tad crazy and believes in taking leaps of faith, even when there’s no net. He’s played by Robin Williams, insanely talented actor who stars in a lot of great films (Mrs. Doubtfire is one the best movies ever  in my opinion). The daughter is of course SMG. She’s creative and intelligent. In the first episode, we got to know three employees. Zach is played by the very handsome James Wolk, and I’m not complaining. Andrew is played by Hamish Linklater, though we don’t see a lot of him in this first episode. And Lauren is played by Amanda Setton, who I’d always wanted to see more of in Gossip Girl ! A good cast, with a nice mix of famous actors and relatively unknown newbies.

I really enjoyed the first episode. Sarah was at the top of her game, really sweet and funny. I’m already partial to the very loving yet strange relationship she has with her father, and I like that yet again she plays a smart, powerful woman. Simon already got me laughing, especially with his monologues. Zach, the office eye-candy, has already won me over, and Lauren is just ditzy enough to be loveable. And of course, Kelly Clarkson was an added bonus !

Off to watch the next few episodes ! Let’s just hope this show isn’t cancelled like Ringer was (broke my heart!).