5 Things we Learned from New Girl S03E06

New Girl is one of the funniest, most consistent shows on TV at the moment. I feel it’s also very real. Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston and Cece are all believable characters, experiencing real ups and downs, facing real problems. So what can we learn from this sitcom?

5 Things We Learned from New Girl S03E06

Well, this week’s Halloween episode taught us that :

1. Imaginary childhood friends can actually be really helpful in helping a child overcome fears and embarrassment (but it’s definitely recommended to ditch them before going to college).

New Girl Nick

2. Beautiful people still look beautiful hungover. Extremely unfair.

Hungover Cece New Girl

3. Always, always, always check how thin/thick the walls are when scheming.

New Girl Michael Keaton

4. Jess has amazing decorating skills. The loft looked incredible for her Halloween party. Also, Schmidt has the coolest costume ideas.

New Girl Halloween episode

New girl Halloween Schmidt costume

5. Cold cuts are apparently comfort food for some people. I think I’ll stick to my Cadbury’s.

New Girl Schmidt Cold cuts