Homesick in Berlin?

Yesterday I was walking around the city when I saw a little coffee shop called “Shakespeare & Sons” in Prenzlauer Berg. Intrigued, I went in, and I am so happy I did.

Shakespeare & Sons Café and Bookshop in Berlin

Shakespeare & Sons is actually an English and French bookstore, with a little coffee shop bit attached to it. They bake and serve fresh bagels which are so popular, people were coming in every five minutes to buy them. They have all sorts of flavors, from onion to black sesame to cinnamon. I had one in the coffee shop, a poppy seed bagel smeared with a mountain of avocado cream cheese. Amazingly tasty. I also had what was possibly the most delicious brownie I have ever eaten. And, of course, a flat white. They also served zucchini bread, muffins, a whole range of juices, hot chocolates, and a lot more.

I ended up staying there over four hours, sitting on a very comfy couch, reading a book, eating delicious food and sipping amazing coffee, surrounded by rows and rows of books. It was the perfect lazy afternoon, and I am definitely going back soon. It made me feel at home for a little while, which was really nice. The waitresses are mostly English, and the customers are an interesting mix of American, Australian, French, and many other nationalities I’m sure.

An amazing find, that I highly encourage everyone to visit when they’re in Berlin! Check out my complete Berlin City Guide for your next weekend trip.

Shakespeare & Sons Bookstore

Raumerstrasse 36

10437 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg


Berlin Shakespeare & Sons

Berlin Shakespeare & Sons

Berlin Shakespeare & Sons Prenzlauer Berg