Divergent Meets Harry Potter

I am currently rereading Insurgent by Veronica Roth, before Allegiant comes out next week. It got me really thinking about their faction system, and I realised that it was actually pretty similar to the Hogwarts Houses! Which led to this fun game: mix and matching characters form the two universes to factions and houses. Here are my results, feel free to disagree!

In the Divergent world: 

  • Amity (value peacefulness) : Professor Slughorn, who preferred staying on cordial terms with students from all houses, and took some convincing to act when conflict arose.
  • Erudite (value intelligence) : Hermione Granger,  the brightest witch of her generation.
  • Dauntless (value bravery) : Sirius Black, reckless and a bit crazy, but extremely brave when he needs to be.
  • Abnegation (value selflessness) : Dobby, who did everything in his power to help his friends and never asked for anything in return.
  • Candor (value honesty) : Mad Eye Moody, always one to speak his mind.

In the Harry Potter world:

  • Hufflepuff  (value loyalty) : Nathalie Prior, who loved her daughter just as much after she left her faction, and was willing to die to protect her.
  • Gryffindor (value bravery) : Tris Prior, who is at her bravest when she is protecting others.
  • Slytherin  (value ambition) :  Peter, who was desperate to rank first in initiation, and joined Erudite as soon as he had the chance.
  • Ravenclaw  (value intelligence) :  Caleb Prior, who is extremely intelligent and curious about everything.

Harry Potter Houses meet Divergent Factions